Which Speaker set is ideal for me?

  • Hey dudes!

    I am seriously contemplating on getting a Kemper Profiling Amp Head + the remote control but I am lost when it comes to deciding upon which speakers would be ideal for my needs.
    I don't do any gigging, I simply play at home for now. I live in an apartment so I'd like to be able to have good control over the volume so I won't start a neighbour war.

    I am getting the Kemper for recording and jamming in my apartment. Maybe later on I will join a band again, but that isn't of importance now. I've read the whole cab vs FRFR vs studio monitor discussion and I must say I'm not coming to an agreement with myself.
    I want something that gives a clear representation of the Kemper, without coloring it too much. Something that can work perfectly in an apartment setup without getting cranked up on volume.

    Anybody experienced got any ideas for me as to what I need to enjoy my Kemper to the fullest in this setting?

    Rock on!

  • JBL305 will do - That's what I have playing low volume most of the time - Lots of options though - Depends how much money you want to spend- JBL is fairly cheap but REAL good sounding ( I A/B it with in the store with other speakers more than double the price

    but choose the JBL's anyway) If you can - go to a store where you can A/B a few ! Your ears will tell you which ones to buy ^^

  • Hi,

    I have 2 JBL speakers - which are FRFR. Whenever I want more I add an Laney IRT X studio monitor Which has a few settings ( 1x12, 4x12, frfr) A real WALL of sound :-) ,but because I want to go easy on my ears usually its only the 2 JBLS.

    I play mostly low/medium gain - no real heavy metal stuff - Classic rock Zepp/Lizzy/AC DC/ Hendrix is what i like. ( you should buy 2 not one speakers - to get the full experience ! )

  • Hi,

    You have to get speaker cables !! I have short ones since the speakers are close to my (powered) Kemper. Glad I can help! , enjoy the experience - 1 more tip before going all out on buying profiles check all the Free packs from the many vendors . My favs

    for low/medium gain are M. Britt / Tone junkie/ Bert Meulendijk. But thats "MY" personal taste playing with a strat. This will save you a lot of $ Each vendor has HIS sound/style/ way of doing things which affects the sound a Lot

    Cheers and welcome to the club :thumbup:

    (floor pedal is expensive but VERY handy to have)

  • Perfect. Even if I get the unpowered version of the Kemper, it'll work perfectly fine with speaker cables into these speakers? I bet they come with a power cable, right?
    s for speakers, what I need is two of these badboys, right?

  • Hello Ras-

    I would highly recommend getting the powered version of the Kemper if you can afford it. Personally I absolutely love the sound of the Kemper running through an actual guitar cabinet. I have studio monitors set up, but I use my guitar cabinet I'm 99% of the time. Kemper also has many routing options which allows you to (for example) run your main signal to your guitar cabinet while all stereo affects are run just threw your monitors, or you can use your guitar cabinet as a left output and a power source as you're right etc. It's just really nice to have these options.

    All that said my personal preference for studio monitors is Yamaha HS8, however sound is a subjective thing. If you have the option I would recommend buying your Kemper first, and then taking it to a music shop and trying out a bunch of different studio monitors, and FRFR's (Yamaha DX10) and get what you like instead of, in a way, rolling the dice. Again sound is subjective and, what we like you may not, if you can demo some speakers first you should.

    +1 on the Kemper Remote (floor pedal)


  • Hi Ras,

    I had to buy all cables seperate.! As Jason said Lots of options - you're stepping in a whole new world/game . 10 people 10 opinions/tastes Do your own testing in the store before buying - take another guitarplayer with you so you can focus on listening to the sound

    instead of playing! (2 speakers = 2 kabels and there are Lots of positive opinions/reviews on the Yamaha DX10)