Late 50s Tweed Gibson 'Lancer' Amp profiles uploaded

  • Hey Dudes and Dude-ettes - I have just uploaded my first Rigs to the Kemper Rig Exchange - I now feel like a 'productive member of society'! 8o

    The two profiles are of a late 50s Tweed Gibson 'Lancer' Amp I have modified to have a better clean and a high-gain tube OD circuit. I am very happy about how these turned out - I've always loved the sound of this amp and it's original 12" Jensen speaker. They are listed as:

    'HH#Lancer-Cln.' & 'HH#Lancer-Dirty' (sorry - I don't know how to post the direct download links here) :huh:

    THIS is the amp that Steve Cropper (Booker T. and the MGs, Stax Records, Blues Brothers) used to record almost all of those famous STAX recordings with Booker T, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett, Barkays, etc. With moderate gain settings, you can get that very cool 'Green Onions' guitar tone with ease. With higher gain settings, you can get a singing solo tone that really sounds fat with some of the Tills Cabs.

    Hope you enjoy....

    ~Hadley~ (Radley)

  • really like the overdrive one, I cut the treble just a bit, but sounds very good!! Thanks mate!!!

    Glad you like. They are actually made from the same amp profile, just set differently. The Lancer cab is very versatile in that if you lower the low shift to -10 or so, an amazingly deep low end becomes available! 8o

  • Smoking hot Profile right here, the dirty one!!! :thumbup:

    The highs were spot on for my Les Paul, had to reduce the volume a bit because it was clipping my Master, and lowered the Input clean sense to 4.4
    The Phaser is awesome, I leave it on, it adds even more highs, but good highs.

    Still have to try the clean Profile.

    Btw, you spelt my name wrong, it's Lance, not Lancer...blame it on Gibson. :D

  • Wow!

    The clean one is even better.

    Radley, perfect example of the gain knob right here.
    Your profile has gain on zero, I've just raised the gain from zero to 5, it's gorgeous distortion all the way up to 5 and anywhere in between.

  • .. it's very easy to overdo the highs on the Kemper because they sound so 'effortless'.... perhaps I 'over-indulged'? 8o


    An all 'round excellent profile! One which responds well to all manner of vol and tone settings on my Tele. The clean version's great as well, really simple and bags of vibe. Thanks! :)

  • Nope!

    An all 'round excellent profile! One which responds well to all manner of vol and tone settings on my Tele. The clean version's great as well, really simple and bags of vibe. Thanks! :)

    Of course, Steve Cropper always played a Telie, so you've got the 'magic combination' ^^

  • A little story about my history with the Gibson Lancer amp:

    When I was 14, I was suddenly 'smitten' by blues guitar playing (BB King, Freddy King, Albert Collins, Albert King) - I absolutely could not get enough! 8o So I became a part of an organ trio that played mostly Blues & R&B at a little dive in Oklahoma City called the 'Embers Club'. The customers truly loved our bluesy music, but they kept complaining about the volume level! It was then that I downsized to a Gibson Lancer amp (2x6V6) - but even then, the volume was too loud for the folks seated right next to band. I simply grabbed one of the plastic ash trays and tilted the amp down towards the floor, using the ash tray to lift one side of the amp off the floor, allowing a certain amount of direct sound to 'escape' into the air - Problem Solved!!! Kind of a primitive power attenuator! ^^

    I soon found a use for the 2nd input to the Lancer - I connected a faulty guitar cable with bare wires at the other end - I would simply step on the bare wires when it was time to solo, to get more actually worked!!! 8o

    The Lancer's power output is similar to a Fender Deluxe, but the tone circuit is only one knob - it has more gain and does not use any negative feedback in the power amp, and this is a big part of the magic...

  • Radley: Thanks for those profiles! They are really awesome, some really outstanding tone there :thumbup: . Looking forward to your next ones.

    Thanks for your input 8o One of the things I did when I modified my Lancer was do a pre-EQ low end cut for the overdrive section - that's why it doesn't have the typically 'blatty' lows of the Tweed Bassmans and Deluxes at high gain. That stock Jensen speaker is a masterpiece of the 'golden age' of tone. :thumbup:

  • Both Lancer patches are my favorite so far out of all the factory and user ones from the exchange. There's something about the way you captured the tone then sculpted it that the majority of presets (factory/user uploads) do not have and/or translate as well. There should be a sticky w/ tips for others.

  • +1, great job radley! would you mind revealing some insights on your setup? mics, distance, any high-/lo-cut etc. i'm really digging these... thanks for sharing!

    Pretty basic really:

    Electrovoice PL-80 vocal mic (similar to a 57 but fuller lows) right up to the grill cloth, slightly off center. The only 'high/low cuts' are built into the amp: low cut before the distortion circuit, and 'defizzing' circuitry afterwards, and of course the KPA amp EQ built into the patch. Amazingly, the amp was only at half gain and 40% M. volume when I did the profile 8o