Stereo set up with a guitar cab and DXR10.

  • Hello Kemper world-

    So I couldn't find any threads mentioning this type of set up, so I thought I would put it out there.

    This is how I run my stereo set up at home and I get an amazing sound. I run a guitar cab on one side, in my case the left side, and I run a DXR10 on the other side in my case the right. You get the amp in the room sound/feel from the cabinet, yet with the DXR 10 you get all that lush high-end goodness from the the stereo FX.

    So it's pretty basic but in case it helps, the way to set it up is, (and I should mention that I have a powered Kemper) you go to the 1st page out the output section, and set the \monitor output\ to master left, and the \direct output\ to master right, done stereo set up. Obviously if you use different outputs for your set up you will need to adjust accordingly. You can then go to page two of the output section and control the volumes independently.

    Hope that helps someone.



  • Nice. I also have a mixed setup. You can see my thread about the XR18 setup we have. It works great but it takes a while for everything to boot up.

    So I also have a studio monitor connected to the Monitor out so that one can turn only the Kemper and the monitor on and guitar playing can commence. I have it set up so that the master volume only changes the monitor output and the master LR output is "constant" volume. (Constant in quotes because the rig volume will naturally still change that.)

    Sometimes we turn both systems on, nice to get the clarity from the monitor and the volume and fullness of the PA at the same time.

  • Do you ever do wet/dry, meaning guitar cab dry and dxr wet?

    Not with the DXR because I only have one, and I would lose my stereo imaging. I've gone that route with my studio monitors, and it sounds great.
    It gives you the volume you need and the full HIFI sound of the Kemper stereo delays/reverbs...... man I can't wait for the new reverbs! :thumbsup: !THANKS C KEMPER!!

  • Do you ever do wet/dry, meaning guitar cab dry and dxr wet?

    I have done Full/Dry/Full with my dxr10s and guitar cab. I like it better than Wet/Dry/Wet since I get two cabinet sounds mixed which is kinda cool.

    My main challenge with that is that I have to rebalance them everytime I change the volume since using the volumes locked doesn't preserve their right balance subjectivly.

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