Ear fatigue - too close to studio monitors?

  • Hey everyone,

    I run my kemper through a pair of Lsr305 monitors and currently sit about 2-3 feet from each, with them up on stands and at roughly ear height. Ive noticed that if I turn it up to a decent volume so that I don't primarily hear my strings, my ears fatigue very quickly and end up with an almost muffled feeling in them after around 20 minutes of playing. I've tried high cuts and other eq settings and it seems to be consistent. This is for high gain playing, but I also notice that listening to backing tracks while playing seems to cause this too.

    Am I just overthinking this and just need to set myself up further back from the monitors when playing? If so how does this fit in with the recommended seating position for near field monitors? Or does that not really matter if I'm not mixing and am just using these for jamming alone?

    There are no room treatments in the room I'm playing in, it's roughly a 12 x 12 room and the monitors are backing up to one wall in a corner. Would room reflections be playing a part here? How far do you guys sit from your monitors if just playing through them at a decent volume?