Epiphone Hummingbird - any one got one?

  • I'm tempted because the reviews are decent as is the price at under £300.
    I'm doing some recording at the moment and although I have several acoustics inc a Martiin and an old Washburn, I need a bit of a different tone for a couple of tracks.
    If money wasn't an issue I'd go straight for the Gibson but it is:)
    I've no interest in the pick up on it so if anyone has one can they let me know how they sound recorded using a mic?


  • Doesn't sound very good in the video though.

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  • No offence to the bloke in the video but you always get the same type of playing in these demos which is why I wondered if anybody had any real world experience.
    I might just try one out - the shop is only up the road. I'd be tempted by the Gibson though and I really shouldn't...

    Paul, I'm after Keef sound circa 1970.

  • Paul, I'm after Keef sound circa 1970.

    A lot of that sound from that era was Keith using a Gibson with an adjustable bridge. I have a 1967 Country and Western which is basically a hummingbird with a different pick guard and it has that particular Keith sound to my ears. Most attribute it to the adjustable bridge. Just something to consider. I also have one of the newer Gibson Hummingbird Vintage models with the fortified top. It sounds great but it just doesn’t have the same sound from the era you want. It has to be the ceramic bridge and the overtones it seems to create even though the guitars are made of the same wood. Hopefullly this was helpful a little bit.

  • To me that quintessential Brit rock acoustic sound was that early 60’s J200 that had the tune-o-matic bridge.
    That’s the guitar on Tommy, on Here Cones The Sun, on Truth, and on Led Zep I. And probably the Stones as well.

    But that bridge aside, I’m not a huge fan of the new Epi Hummingbirds.
    I think the Texan is a more unusual, and better, sound.
    Or the EJ200

  • I might just try one out - the shop is only up the road.

    I'm pobably a bit late to the party but Andertons also carry the new line of Sigma guitars. After doing Martin clones for a while they now also offer some Gibson clones. Those are very good and I've heard the Hummingbird (and the J200) are the best of the bunch. So you just might visit the shop and check them out.

    I have one of their higher-end models (a D-28 copy with solid Adirondack top and solid Madagascan Rosewood back and sides) and that guitar kills every Martin twice the price. I didn't have much experience with the cheaper models though other than checking out their J45 clone. Nice guitar and very cheap.

  • Well I tried out the Sigma Hummingbird. It looks great, sounds OK but the intonation on the demo model was all over the place
    so I couldn't really get comfortable with it.

    I also tried a Gibson Montana 2018 J-15 which was decent but nothing special.
    The best sounding one I tried was a Taylor 214, a brand which I had never considered before and at around the £1000 mark the best value for me.