Thinking about a Mission Engineering Gemini 1-P

  • Anyone already using one of these with a powered Kemper?

    I've been slow-walking the purchase for several days now, since it's a chunk of money for an extension cabinet. Seems like it's the one to get for a true FRFR approach with a powered head. I've been slaving my Princeton Reverb's speaker since I got my Kemper about a week ago (with cab emulation off), but it's time to make the jump to a real FRFR cab for some upcoming live performances. I got the Kemper to go small on my entire rig, including eliminating the pedalboard madness I've been using. The Gemini seems a bit bigger than I'd prefer, but I'm also wondering about the weight.

  • Ok, so among those using the powered KPA for live work in smaller venues, clubs where you don't have an FOH, and don't bring an amp, what are ya'll using for a cabinet and what are you happy with? Like I said, I'd like to keep things small, so using the speaker in my Princeton Reverb (powered off) and connected to my KPA seems to work pretty well. I have been turning off cabinet emulation as well.

    The mic only there because I haven't switched over to the KPA's line out quite yet. Getting there.

  • For small gigs like that, I use custom made 1x12 pine cabinets loaded with EVM 12S with my powered head. I just store an EQ curve in my performances that allow me to shape the cab response but leave the direct out alone. I have done dozens of gigs like this over the past few months and have never received anything less than stellar reviews on my sound. The cabs are small, lightweight and extremely reliable.

    I have tried FRFRs and they just sound unnatural to me, particularly in the high end.