• It would be nice if the KPA had some more futuristic functionalities, not just emulating tube amps and quality pedals (which is does great by the way...)

    For example, having Pick Presets, which would model the kind of pick you use when you attack the strings.
    Depending on whether you use plastic, metal, wood picks, or your fingers (!) the sound of the attack is very different (also the thickness of the pick plays an important role).
    Imagine the possibilities if you can choose a preset in the Rig settings that model these sounds.

  • seems a little null and void given that picks in general cost pennies in comparison to the cost of an amp and the way you use a pic has a massive difference on the sound produced, the two of us could have the exact same set up and the way i play would sound completely different to the way you sound because i use a different technique.