TSE X50 /updated/

  • I've uploaded my favourite high gain profile to the rig exchange.

    [Blocked Image: http://www.theserinaexperiment…esing_software_r7_c10.jpg]

    It is a copy of a Peavey 5150 VST emulation... but please don't run away :) Try it!
    I think you won't regret it! I highly recommend it to everyone.
    I've combined the amp with some juicy Redwirez cabs.
    It is amazing to experience in real life how accurate the profiling is.

    EDIT: I have uploaded my latest updated profiles to the rig exchange. Also included the GREEN channel of the amp!


  • Hey thanks JEL, I'm glad you're having fun with it.

    This plugin was one of the reasons I have sold my Axe-Fx II. Now I can have it inside the KPA. Click, click, done! 100% match. Sounds just as badass, as inside my DAW. This profile includes a Lehle Sunday Driver as a preamp, and several post EQ plugins, like the very nice Softube Trident A-Range. The cab simulation is done by S-Gear's Pro Convolver: I have loaded some meaty Redwirez cabs into it.
    Oh, and try the "TSE X50 RED" profile with downtuning, drop c or d ... it "kills". :)

  • Hello-Bello!

    Refined profiles available on the rig exchange. Also included a slightly lower gain version (GREEN), which is a profile of the rhythm channel. It is very dynamic.. Try it with a neck single coil with the volume turned down... Whooa Man I love this little green box!

    TRY IT! :)