Best Commercial Rectifier Profiles for Late 90s / Early 2000s Pop Punk?

  • Hey guys,

    So i'm wanting to get a decent Mesa Dual / Triple rectifier profile to nail the pop punk tones from the late 90s and early 2000s.
    I mainly want to replicate Tom Delonge's live tone from the 2002-2004 period.

    I've tried countless rectifier profiles on the rig exchange but they just haven't been that great in my opinion.
    So are there any commercial profiles that would fit that description? I'm a bit hesitant to drop cash on profiles seen as though i can't try before i buy. A lot of Mesa profiles are made with the metal players in mind. Which is cool but I've found that I can't get them to where I'd like them to sound.


  • Next time you dont come to us with a real problem we are charging you money :D . Live ready's triple rectifier will be very close if not spot on, dont be discouraged if you need to tweak a TINY bit, but i bet you any money at least 5 rigs will sound close off the bat, let me know what you think :)


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  • I've bought the @MentaL Rev F Dual Rectifier pack. Seems really good so far. I've not really had the time to properly try the profiles out yet but it seems like there are so great pop punk tones in there as well as heavier tones. Going to have a proper play through this evening.

    Reampzone's DR Rev F and Live Ready's Triple Recto packs are my favorites, so far, for that tone. Still curios to hear what others are using for it, though.

  • I have just uploaded a profile to the Rig Exchange that I made with that Blink tone from Enema of the State in mind. It's free (not commercial).

    If you like what you hear in this Blink-inspired clip linked below, check out this thread:

    Free Mesa Dual Rectifier Ch2 Vintage-Spongy / V30 / SM57 / BAE1073 MP profiles for modern crunchy rock tones

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    You might have to play tighter :wacko: than me and maybe back down the gain a little to sound closer to Tom.