Best alternative Controllers for Kemper

  • Of course, all the old dogs who have seen the evolution of wireless gizmos remember the days of truckers' CB radio conversations suddenly being broadcast, at Marshall on 11 volumes, through their guitar wireless units and coming out of the guitar amps. Very exciting. Possibly even stressful.

    CB never really took off here in the UK but I wish I had £1 for every time I had a taxi operator blasting through my Mesa on stage :D

  • If you can find a way to do this for ethernet ( i.e. for the remote) you would be my friend forever...the remote for me is brilliant but it would be even better if totally wireless!

    I don't own or use the Kemper remote, but to set up a wireless connection with it I'd try to use:

    - wireless ethernet bridge (e.g. VAP11G-300, look at eBay)

    - battery powered PoE injector (look at eBay)

    - eventually an old wifi-router (disable DHCP here!)

    This is just an idea, no recommendation for a working system ;)

  • Might have a would be fantastic!

  • Using two VAP11G-300 configured to work in bridge-mode might work... as shown on this example for surveillance cameras:

    At the Kemper amp's site it should be easy to connect the network and use a simple USB power-supply for the VAP11G-300.
    The real challange will be the PoE-part for the Kemper remote. I guess it would be nice to have just a single battery for the PoE-injector and the VAP11G-300.

  • The "Alfa Network APOE03" (use Google) is a battery powered PoE injector that can be operated in a wide voltage range. The VAP11G-300 needs 5V and it's easy to find totally cheap step-down modules at eBay.

    So if e.g. 12V PoE would be suitable for the Kemper remote any good 12V/~5Ah battery should fit to power both devices.