After two weeks with my Kemper Profiling Amp, these are my observations:

  • I have over 20 amps, why would I make up my mind to have only one modeller/profiler/simulator?

    Well, as you are quoting me: in my case it became clear very quickly that the KPA was superior soundwise.
    I couldn't stand playing the Axe II any longer. But I kept my HD 500 for convenience reasons.
    Sometimes decisions are very easy to make.
    See here:…page=Thread&threadID=4017
    IMO, YMMV.

  • Guys - I bought the KPA to make music, but where I find weaknesses I say something. I try to say something about the strengths as well, but let's face it - we mostly focus on the inadequacies until they are eliminated.

  • I have over 20 amps, why would I make up my mind to have only one modeller/profiler/simulator?

    Well, there is only one Profiler, no need to make your mind up on that one. :D
    And, pretty soon it will become a fully fledged all in one powered AMP HEAD...which makes it even more unique than it already is.

    Modellers & simulator's, that's a different story.

  • +1 all the time

  • Nobody asked at the Messe ?

    Frankly I simply forgot to ask behause I'm more urgently waiting for the foot controller.
    Regarding the specs I bet they will go for a solid state poweramp that sounds as neutral as possible, allowing for FRFR (cab on) or conventional guitar speakers (cab off).

  • Nice. A bunch of anonymous Internet experts giving a seasoned professional musician crap about gear.

    Radley, I just got my KPA and am much more interested in your thoughts and tips than the trolls in this thread. Your input over the years for Boss, Line 6, and Fractal products has been extremely helpful for thousands of people - I know I've learned a lot from your posts.


    Hadley, I remember buying you a box (dont remember the name) for my PODXT a few years ago and it gave a new life to this unit.

    I think anyone has the right to get a Kemper and a AXEFX at the same time. Why not ? You know, I am used to a certain kind of tone (I am not a fizzy guy for instance), and to be honest also, I don't like most of the stock profiles. And this is not a problem. There are so many possibilities in this box...

    I think when Radley will find the right cab profile, everything will be easier and faster.

    My 2 cents


  • I two was like Radley just a litle bit at first, but after playing with it for a few days ive found some great Amp/cab combos and dialing in a sound i need like is fast and esy now!!!!

  • Just read the thread.

    When someone says they don't think the Kemper sounds like the amps so much or has no low end, I immediately start having technical questions to see if they have good equipment or abilities to judge their opinion better.

    Things Like:
    1) Did you use Headphones? If so, what brand?
    2) Did you use the same mic setup to record your amp, then the Kemper, THEN A/B them?
    3) What was your mic setup? A direct line from an SM57 or a decent preamp?
    3) Did you tweak the Kemper's EQ and Amp Tube settings to try and match it?
    4) Have you recorded any of the profiled amps to see how they compare to Kempers "supposed" profiles?

    Basically what DID you do to arrive at your opinion listing gear and some actions that show you know what you are doing. If someone used bad headphones, that may be a huge part of it, if you get what I mean.

    (This is where I wax happy on my ownership after 1 week):

    As for me, I wasn't "wowed" by most of the given profiles when I bought this last week, but I found 5 of them that did "wow" me after playing it for about an hour going through them. Then I bought Amp Factory profiles and was like "WOW". So Kemper is not doing itself the best advertisement in putting profiles that are inferior to professionally bought rigs from Amp Factory or Soundside.

    I found a few on the Rig Exchange that are keepers. I started choosing by ratings (5 stars) and forum users who wrote what they liked.

    (BTW, How about adding the ability to sort by Star Rating, prioritized by how many rated them? Like Amazon does)

    I've also profiled my amps today and am "WOW".

    Now, does it sound like my amp on the same profiled setting in the room? No way. And it shouldn't. BECAUSE it's a RECORDED sound. It's not going to thump your chest, which is a big part of the perceived "low end" that speakers aren't going to easily reproduce unless you are putting it through an amp. I play it through my monitors and it rocks. Even my amp directly through the monitors would do that without chest thumping.

    So, in a description, it helps to describe what is meant by "Low end".. And what you are using it for, like Live, or Recording, or Headphone Listening, etc.

    As for me, and I'm gear head enough to have a few boutique amps and tried many such solutions, I've been blown away, and it took me less than a day to get an unbelievable rig that was like playing a tube amp in my headphones, and I mean REAL tube amp sound and response. Not an "almost" or "90%" but like, I couldn't tell the difference finally. I am inspired and play without ever getting fatigued thinking "you know, this is really not as good as when I started". It is as good.

    I've chased this tone and ability for years and been very disappointed (I have not tried Fractal, which I hear can also do this, I don't know personally)

    But now? I have been smiling all week, very grateful that a product sold to me is ACTUALLY as it was described and advertised.

    Will I get rid of my amps? Some I will. My chinese Vox AC30? SELL. My Marshall? Sell. My Tungsten Crema Wheat? Probably never. Got to keep at least ONE amp around for that chest thumping fun in the home. I don't gig, mostly record and play rarely with a friend.

    That said, the main failure of this product is software support: EDITOR, PLEEZ. Without an Editor this thing is KILLING ME. Or at least add the capability to hook up a keyboard for character entry! ;)

    So far I'm uploading a rig, then tweaking the info, then putting it back onto my Kemper. It's easier.

  • I agree some of them are not to good. I've really started to get used to the KPA now. Every gig I do my sound is getting better. I'm what you call chasing a Nickelback guitar tone and slowly I think I'm getting there!!!!! I also think I'm starting to get used to a recorded guitar sound on stage. Last nite at a gig 3 people mentioned that the band had a different sound which sounded good. These people were just ordinary punters not musicians. I find that the KPA has bass no probs infact some sounds have to much. I couldn't be more happier with an amp and I'm sure as I go on my sounds are going to keep improving :thumbup: