New Profiles: Swart Space Tone 6v6

  • Been playing with this profile for a couple of hours yesterday and have to say its brilliant

    I have no amps to profile, so simply enjoy everyones else's hard work, so many thanks

    I like this one so much i've saved the cab as a separate element and it sounded great with another vox I like

    I don't know, because i have nothing to profile, what makes the difference, but some profiles are just alive, others aren't, but this one is one of the best, well done :thumbsup:

  • I agree, a tutorial from one of the "alive" profilers would be nice. I think one thing that makes a difference is that a lot of users (myself included) can't set up the amp in an isolated room so that we can compare the amp and the profile through studiomonitors while profiling.

  • I completely agree as well. Some profiles have a life to them that is evident and others sound very dead, like a dead room. I'm sure this will evolve over time in best practices. Like many, I'm dependent on the hard work and dedication of the Kemper community as I have no tube amps at present nor a good space to capture them in.