Morphing within scales and crossfading extension time

  • I've been experimenting with trying to create a portamento synth effect and one way I found was to morph between a 0% and 100% mix of an octave using a rise time of 2.5 secs. This gives a sound similar to the Boss Feedbacker.

    That got me thinking of whether I could morph between predefined intervals in the user scales of the harmoniser section. Again using a rig defined rise and fall time.
    Alas, no, i couldn't do it ....

    Also, I wondered if I could crossfade between 2 rigs set with different user scales and achieve something similar .... but the crossfade time is presumably in ms.
    Wondering whether this could be extended to a few secs .....

    So two questions:
    Is it possible to increase the rig crossfade time ?

    Is it possible to morph between or within user scales or any scale ?

  • Rig X-Fade Time is not he way to go. It's a global parameter which would affect all Rig changes.

    Are you aware, that the pitch effects include two user scales? User Scale 1 and User Scale 2. You could morph the parameter Voice Balance from -50% to +50% within the pitch effect. Or you could test two pitch effects in one Rig and morph their Mixes.