How many profiles do you actually keep ON your KPA?

  • I love my Kemper. Like true love. It`s amazing. But there are a whole crapload of profiles that I am never, ever going to use on it. Since I`m about to start the process of setting it up to my personal performance needs I am considering removing all but a handful and just storing the extraneous ones on RM. I might end up with 12 rigs actually ON my device. A tenfold benefit alone in not having to scroll through fortyeleven profiles I don`t use if I were to ever need to in a hurry.

    Anyone else take this approach?

  • I probably have around 600 because I bought it like that. However, I soon realised that around 20 or so were to my particular liking and these were assigned as favourites (in the Rig Manager) - the result being, I can easily navigate through them as you can choose to browse Favourites only etc ....

    You also have the option to auto assign any edits you make and store in the Kemper as a favourite.

    Good to see you here, Wazmeister - :)

  • Yeah, you have three options, really:

    1) Assign favourites on the unit
    2) Delete all, retaining favourites (System Menu option)
    3) Offload everything to RM and retain a single, "default" Rig (what I do)

    The reason I retain 1 Rig is because, AFAIK, the KPA requires that at least 1 be stored on the unit; it won't let you delete it.

  • After messing around with 400+ rigs on my unit for about a year, I just did a cleanup. I've kept about 20 classic amps each profiled at 5 different gain settings.
    Then, I tagged my top 25 favorites rigs in that list and I'm a happy SOB..... :thumbup:

  • Awesome, thanks for the feedback. There are several rigs I "like", but I bought the Kemper to dial in my own personal sound(s) and use it vs twiddling knobs and downloading new rigs more than I play it. I`ve owned a lot of amps in my day, played even more so I knew what I was after. It`s the equivalent of going out and buying five of my most ideal amps ever made and getting to bring all of them to every show, every session. Started weeding out the ones I know I`ll never use and the goal is to whittle it down to about ten rigs actually on board.

  • I use my Kemper solely for recording, so my sounds are pretty much limited to Fender Cleans and Marshalls/Mesas for the heavy stuff. I keep it really simple so that when I am in the heat of battle (aka recording) I can easily find stuff.

    So basically....I have about 20 ish main ones, and then a few variants on those for quick tweaking/recording purposes.

    Personally, I can't stand clutter on any level (Kemper or otherwise) so having 1000 profiles to sift thru (even with Rig Manager) would drive me up a wall. :):P;)