Can't Update My Kemper

  • I wanted to try the new spring reverb module today so I went and tried to update my KPA for the first time. I've got the latest kaos.bin file on my formatted USB but my KPA does not update. The KPA recognises the USB because I see external storage option under the 3rd soft button but it just doesn't update.

    Did I do something wrong? Is there a fix?

  • Can't help you with the USB stick update however if your Kemper is close to a computer with Internet connection, doing the update through the Rig Manager is easy. Just hook up the Kemper to the computer - if it is a Windows one, let it install drivers, etc.

    Download Rig Manager from here and use that to update the Kemper. For official releases (not betas) the Rig Manager is smart to notice on its own and will offer you to update the toaster.

  • Either place the kaos.bin outside any folder or inside the OS updates folder and make sure that there is no other kaos.bin anywhere on the stick.
    If the version of the kaos.bin is different from the one that is already installed you will be prompted with a message asking you if you want to install the version from the stick.