output settings for master, monitor & direct outputs

  • hello:

    i have been using my kemper in the studio (and also on stage) for years now and recently reading the manual again has me questioning the configuration i use for the outputs. when recording i use:

    • main outputs (set to master stereo)- this is the stereo mix of the kemper for recording.
    • monitor output (single mono out, set to "git+processing")- this is sent to a second amp for simultaneous recording with the kemper main out signal.
    • direct output (single mono out, set to "git analog")- this is sent directly to a converter (no di box) for recording. when the recording is played back this signal can be sent to a reamp box and then to another amp for recording.

    as per the manual:
    git analog- this is recommended for reamping
    git+processing- simlar to git analog, but with a2d conversion taking place
    git studio- i dont really understand this setting, but it is a "studio level" (line level?) signal, which "no separate di box is needed"

    im interested in how others set these outs, or would recommend doing this to record the three sources i want (main, ext amp, dry gtr).

    thanks for any help! :)