FCB1010 and the Uno4Kemper chip (I have it, just some observations)

  • Won`t be a long post, really just posting to share and put the topic in the spotlight for anyone else looking.

    Long story short, had the FCB running another rig, sold that rig, got the Kemper, kept the FCB. I liked that it was easy enough to set up and get the basics out of it, but I knew there was more to be had so I ordered the Uno4Kemper chip. Easy to swap it and absolutely no surprises afterward. I won`t go into all the gory details, easier to just answer specific questions but I will offer this: ordering was painless, it was more affordable than I expected, and totally worth it.

  • We roll with the FCB and the EurekaProm chip as well.

    Chip install was easy, the only minor annoyance is the large capacitor on the "right hand side" of the chip. Hard to get a small screwdriver next to it to lift the original prom from the socket.

    So far very nice. The performance mode rig change works great, the looper control is good enough. The only thing that is not that good is the tuner function - to be fair, on that FCB screen not a whole lot more could be done.

    Speaking of looper control - the Kemper naturally does not recognize that the looper is available as the FCB is not the remote. One can still go to the greyed out menu and switch the looper position, just hard to read the text.