Kemper vs Axe FX: Why don't I see anyone *creating* music with the Kemper? Is it exclusively intended as a device for performances?

  • It seems to me that all professional musicians I have seen using the Kemper Profiler use it exclusively in a live setting, as opposed to in a home audio setup.

    In this link you will find over a thousand artists and producers with kempers on albums, in studios, at home and live.

    Plenty of photos, videos and info links.

    For seven years now, social media and forums is filled with people making music with kemper profilers.

    You just haven't looked enough to see it.

  • Well... Devin Townsend returned to Fractal as he states that “something is missing” in the tones in Kemper. Steve Vai uses Fractal. And Satriani uses Fractal. Meshuggah uses Fractal, and so on...

    I've noticed Vai in a rig rundown on youtube from 2012 with an Axe FX and a TC Electronic G Force in his rack, he's obviously using his Legacy for amp tones and assumedly the G Force for delay/reverb. What exactly is he using the axe fx for? Endorsement? Volume control?

    Just noticed when I uploaded the pic, it seems the G Force is turned on and the Axe FX is off?


    In this link you will find over a thousand artists and producers with kempers on albums, in studios, at home and live.

    Plenty of photos, videos and info links.

    Andy James isn't even on that list!

    Goes to show that there must be truckloads of pro users...

  • I kind of look at this from a different standpoint.

    While I have heard of quite a few Fractal users that have moved to Kemper, I have rarely ever heard of anyone that gave up their Kemper for a Fractal Axe.

    In all honesty, I have heard of more people who have both though.

    I think that you can get a great high gain sound from either setup. Getting the less driven sounds from the Axe seems to be more of a problem than it is for the Kemper.

    The routing and editing capabilities of the Axe are unsurpassed though, so if tweaking (especially on the computer) is your thing, the Axe might be better.

    As for professionals using these devices, look to a little lower class of musician .... ones that don't get endorsement money. Go take a walk downtown Nashville. I see lots of Kempers.... not a single Axe FX.

  • we will never find a general answer for that topic imo ...

    but for me it was the other way around i had the axe fx before the kemepr and that was my most unproductive time in my life as a musician.

    i simply never stopped tweaking. Too many possibilities... of course i miss some options but only with the kemper i get my stuff done ... i also have amps and a torpedo live but even this can't beat the speed and convenience with the kemper. ...

    Meshuggah had the same problem btw that is why they haven't used their axe fx on the Koloss album

  • From my view it is not possible to compare L6, Axe FX .. with a Kemper. The Kemper is a profiler = you get what YOU profile and the result will be great (4U). If you buy some profiles there are ok, BUT they are not profiled in your environment with your guitar, pu's, amp, your settings and dynamic of your playing.

    If "I" play with my L6 HD500 it's sound much better as any profile i have buy. Same when i get strait in my Marshall!

    And again a big BUT, when i make my own profiles i can't hear the difference & thats the big PRO :-) If you play with more than one Amp or use more Amp's in a studio you can make your profiles and you have all in one device = very good for live, at home or in your studio.

    My advice: Make your own profiles with your gear, amp, modeller or software "you like" and you will be very happy with the Kemper - so easy :-)

    I hope this help!

  • Before I bought the Kemper, I had the Vox Tonelab Le and first thing I did, I profiled those tones I´d loved before I was starting playing the Kemper.

    Then I was trying a lot of the free Rigs in Rig exchange, this time I never touched my own profiles again. When starting to buy Profiles, I nearly forgot my own Profiles, and unfortunately I did not order them in a good clear way from start, so I realized I cannot find my own Profiles anymore, they have to be there somewhere:D...

    IMO you can get best results with many Rigs, if you just find the time to learn this crazy product....

  • Sure. Therefore it's easier with active pu's than passive. With passive some vendors profiles sounds great while others no or at least okey.

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