Sysex send/receive for recall in DAW

  • As a commercial composer, I need a way to be able to take a snapshot of the Kemper's currently edited profile and store that in the DAW/session for recall.

    I'm often juggling twenty projects at one time all in various states of revision and client approval.
    With an external synth (Virus C), I just do a patch sysex dump in the countoff of each midi track. It takes two seconds and is always in the session. With over a dozen guitar tracks in a session, it's impossible to keep the patches organized by name alone or using Rig Manager.

    Please, thank you.

  • Just a small addition here - I read the thread referenced above.

    I know I've lost tones before that I wish I could get back from a recording. These modelers are almost as complicated as synthesizers so it seems natural to piggy back on that standard to save modeler state, too.

    I'm also a Helix owner as well and while I don't believe it supports a SysEx dump, it does have the Native plug-in. Native is pretty great in the DAW - and the "preset" is saved within the track for that plug-in instance, so the settings are part of the track independent of other Helix Native plug-in instances and the hardware Helix. However, it's not perfect for tone preservation because even Helix Native wouldn't keep someone from going in at some point and monkeying around with the settings, perhaps inadvertently, and changing them. So if preserving settings for a track without them being modified is the goal, it seems a sysex dump would be better for that purpose than the Helix Native plug-in (assuming someone doesn't go to the trouble of inadvertently re-dumping the sysex).

    I believe the AxeFX supports the Sysex capability. And while Helix doesn't do it directly, at least they have the Native plug-in which gives folks a fighting chance, though its not completely immutable. Helix Native has other benefits for shaping the tone directly in-line in the DAW - which coincidentally is the very thing that makes the preset a little more fragile than a sysex dump, though.

    So for preserving a tone in near perpetuity, Sysex would be ideal.

    Both the AxeFX and Helix offer some support for this. It would be great if Kemper did, too, and put Kemper it on-par in this regard with comparably capable devices in this category.

    If Kemper implements this feature, I'm betting studio guys the Kemper-world-over would let out a collective woot, and we'd hear it reverberating around the Earth for weeks following. :-)