Doug Pinnick (kings X) sound

  • Okay, the last post I could find on this was back in 2014, hopefully a new thread is warranted. I want to re-amp a bass DI using my Kemper to get an apocalyptic bass sound, Ideally a sound as mental as Doug got on this:

    Unless someone has fully profiled the tech21 Dug amp since I last checked, I'll need to DIY this. Does anyone have any wisdom to share? It would seem to involve dual-re-amping: sending a high-passed signal to a heavily compressed clean(ish) amp; and then separately sending a low-passed signal to a heavily overdriven/distorted amp. So... suggestions very welcome for the following:

    • Low-end clean amp
    • distorted amp
    • what crossover to aim for (or frequencies to set independent lp and hp filters).

    Also: I'm not a bass-player so please feel-free to add 4, 5, 6, etc. :)