worst case scenario if the voltage fails?

  • What can happen if the KPA is not switched off regularly via the chicken button, but the mains voltage suddenly drops (for whatever reason)?
    I mean, ok, unsaved changes to presets get lost. Of course.
    But what can happen in the worst case?

    If nothing: why do I have to wait about 9 seconds until the Kemper is shut down?
    Otherwise: what can I do in a live situation where the power fails? Backup?

  • Mains power-off is fine, as confirmed by Kemper.

    However, best practice IMHO, would be to occasionally (at least) use the chicken knob 'cause it instigates a power-down routine that Burkhard wrote.

    It does some basic housekeeping. My guess is that one could liken it to defragging a disk drive, except in this case it's likely maximising available flash memory amongst other things.

  • While you might not experience any issues most of the time, it is recommend to always use the chicken head to shut down the PROFILER:

    Worst case scenario could be that not only the edit buffers get lost, but also global settings including locks. To recover you could restore a backup, assuming you notice it. Otherwise you might just be surprised, that global settings (System Settings, Output Section and locks are screwed). In addition the next start up time could be increased.