Question around using Morphing pedal...

  • Hi all,

    Currently, I use a performance slot for each 'amp', with switches 1 - 5 increasing in gain and switch 5 being my lead tone (with higher delay, more gain, and a volume boost).

    However, I just picked up a Mission EXP pedal and I'm hearing people talk about using that for leads. I wondered if it's possible to have the pedal control the gain, and set it so that toe down increases the delay, rig volume AND gain just at that position?

    I wouldn't want the volume or delay to increase as I move towards toe-down, just the gain.

    I also have a separate pedal I was using to morph the delay mix, but I'm assuming that you cannot use 2 morph pedals for different settings?

  • Those two sentences contradict each other. Are you asking if it`s possible to make the gain sweep as the pedal moves but the delay and volume are triggered at the toe down position? If so then no. Midi can in fact be programmed that way but the KPA`s midi just isn`t that deep.

    Part two of my reply is...why? If you don`t want to hear the morph "swell in" just step on the pedal faster :D

    As for your last question, midi can technically do anything you want and there are certainly some mind numbingly elaborate midi rigs out there but you are correct. Given wha the KPA is programmed to be able to read/receive it wouldn`t be able to ascertain WHICH morph you were asking it to control even though two were on different incoming midi commands. You`d just end up with two pedals that did the same thing if we could even assign two different command channels to the morph function. (ie; our midi isn`t deep enough for it to be able to think "ok, morph channel 4 controls X, but morph channel 3 controls Y")

  • Second click on your floorboard triggers the sound to 100% morph.
    Set your lead sound on 100% morph.
    Hook the expression pedal to your gain.

    You will have gain control over the unmorphed sound, and your lead sound available at the 2nd click of a preset.