Direct Out strange behaviour

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm a fresh KPA owner and first of all I'd like to share my really good feeling on how this beast sounds!!!
    I'm at my first profiling session and I'm experimenting a strange behaviour with the direct out send.
    I'm trying to profile a "both worlds" less than simple rig:
    - Line6 Spider Valve Amp
    - Engl 580 Preamp
    - 2 Nebula plugins: the 1st with an Ownhammer Amp and the 2nd with an Ownhammer cab

    My chain is:
    - GTR->KPA guitar IN
    - KPA direct out->Line6 guitar in & ENGL guitar in (through a splitter)
    - Line6 direct out-> Soundcard LINE IN 1 (I've a MOTU 828 MK3)
    - ENGL out-> Soundcard LINE IN 2
    - On PC a REAPER project with simulated amp and cab receiving from MOTU IN 1&2 and sending to MOTU OUT 1
    - Soundcard LINE OUT 1->KPA return IN (in soundcard OUT 1 the 2 amps are mixed in mono)
    - KPA MAIN OUTS->monitors

    So no real mics & cabs involved.

    Ok, let's start to profile a clean sound.
    I go to KPA browser and select the first clean amp (AC Clean - R121). After that, I move the selector to profiling position.
    When the KPA is on "Kemper amp", the sound flows thru the chain and I can hear the guitar sound BUT when I switch to "Reference amp", the sound is muted (nothing goes to amps and, of course, nothing goes in the soundcard).
    This happens BEFORE profiling but I think that I cannot profile anything without the sound coming to the soundcard and back to KPA...

    I'm on last beta fw release and I've already made a system reset after upgrading the KPA fw.

    So, what I'missing?

    Thanks a lot

  • Have you checked the return level Vernon?

    OMG, I've done better... I've checked my brain and after system-rebooting myself I've figured out that the return cable was plugged in the Alternative input. that I solved this (and plugged cable on the return jack) I landed on a new problem: FEEDBACK.
    Yes, the only sound that I can hear from the Reference amp is a terrible typical whistle of feedback loops. The master led is "glorious" red also at -84db of Monitor Volume :?: :!: :?:

    I hope in your suggestions...

    Thanks for the patience,

  • Try to reduce the gain in Reaper to the lowest possible, then slowly turn up the return level on the KPA! It sounds like you are stacking several gain stages to the max haha!

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