Def Leppard now using Axe FX3s

  • A friend of mine who is a very good producer in Germany once said something very true about Vivian Campbell..that he is was of the "biggest influence"-players for his generation without to get any credits for this..not back then and not later..this is very true imo.I mean he was never the shred guy like all the others back then but the way he did all these melodic stuff and his phrasing/tone indeed influenced all guitar players back then who asked themselves how to implement "melodies" within this endless Hardrock/metal shred of the 80s.

    Indeed Viv is a killer guitar player.He still is.

    His riffs and solos on Holy Diver is still one of my favorites. Damn so good.

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  • I don't know how well known UK band, 'Magnum' are worldwide, but I can certify their guitarist 'Tony' used both an Engl amp & Kemper on the last album.
    I know that for a fact, as I did backing vocals on one of the tracks, and saw the amp set ups. :)

    Awesome; i haven´t checked the last 2 Albums...but i used to be the biggest Magnum fan for years, but kinda lost interest after On The 13th Day.

    Also, Def Leppard being my favourite band, i´d have loved to have them use Kemper....I want a Terror Twins RigPack.....:(