Using looper to stack loops with different effects

  • I did a little research and couldn't find the answer for this. Maybe the Kemper does not do it or my research was poor, let me know if you know the answer to this:

    Is it possible to stack different loops with a different rig/effects? For example: I want to record and loop some rhythm and on top of that I want to turn on a distortion or use the morph for a second layer, but when I do that, it affects the whole chain, all the previous recordings on the looop are also affected, looking like it's re-amping or something like that. Can I avoid this behavior and configure the unit to act as a regular loop pedal?

    Many thanks!

  • Yeah. There is a pre and post setting for the looper. It's in there somewhere, system probably, sorry can't remember off hand. Personally I find it nigh on impossible to accurately punch in and out of this looper. Good luck to you if you can. Until the looper gets a serious upgrade, I find it's strength is in auditioning rigs. Lay down whatever and scroll through. It's a lot less taxing to just have to concentrate on the sound instead of having to play every time too.

  • Hey roadrunner, not to be offensive, but do you have trouble with any other loopers? I've got a midi controller, but have been saving for a Kemper remote and having all of the features of the looper has been one thing that has kept me from simply using my MC6 and spending my cash elsewhere.

    Does anyone else have trouble with the looper?

  • It could well be me :thumbsup: . Unless there's some sort of quantizing going on I'm not accurate enough to keep loops bang on in time.
    The only way you're going to find out if the looper is good for you is to try it.
    The remote is a fantastic bit of kit, but to be honest I was a little underwhelmed by the looper. However for auditioning rigs, for that I think it's great and well worth having.
    This is only my opinion. Others can and probably will disagree with me, and that's good because everyone's different.

  • Yeah there’s a pre post button in the system menu, you need to select post.

    The Kemper foot controller is no harder then any other looper, like everything practice makes perfect.

    If you can get your timing right on another looper then the Kemper foot controller will prove no problem.

    You can also loop by just holding down the switch, momentary style, my preferred method.

  • Thanks for your help roadrunner and Delinquent! I generally don't have trouble with using other loopers, so i think i may continue to save up for the Kemper footswitch. I also like the idea of "momentary style" looping. I had no idea that the Kemper foot controller could pull that off.