MBritt Grab n Go Pack?

  • Does anybody have this? your thoughts? Are there lots of useable profiles?
    Thanks for any insight !!
    I have a few other packs from him and they all are pretty good, but this one is very recent so I’m hoping it would be the best?

  • Not only are the profiles great sounding and feeling, but you get a glimpse of how Mr. Britt might use the amp/profiles in the performances that are included. FWIW, my favorites are the Tweedy Verbs. I don't think this is a secret (because he mentions it in the notes) but there is an "easter egg" profile of a 57 Vibrolux in his Folsom Prison performance and it is killer. I mentioned this in another thread, but I am sure I could do any gig with just the profiles in this pack. Heck, I could probably do any gig with just the Prince Rec profiles.
    I have LOTS of profiles, but rigs from this pack would be my desert island rigs.