[solved] Quirky thing with effects and recording, admit I'm not sold it's the KPA but worth a 2nd opinion

  • So my studio setup is pretty simple and my tones are an identical replication of what I hear from the monitors when I record something and burn it to CD to listen in my car (a great mix reference). I just picked up a set of headphones so I can get some work done after my son goes to bed and the effects seem to be obnoxiously exaggerated through them, delay in particular. I hear what I always hear out of the monitors but the sound in the headphones is just out of control (lest I fail to mention I'm using the headphone out from my interface so it's direct from the DAW). Just for grins I played a little 30 second bit of noodling and recorded it. Heard crazy delay in the headphones, did not hear it in the car system. I'm 99.998% positive it's not the KPA doing it, but maybe a monitor feedback loop or a weird latency issue (I have practically zero latency through the monitors. I'll have to look into that later). Any ideas?

  • Never mind. I'm getting two feeds into the headphones. One from the Kemper direct in and one from the DAW, and they aren't hitting the 'phones at the same time. Same problem I encountered when I first hooked up the KPA and was getting a wicked reverb in the monitors but not recorded. I'll keep the post up in case it's useful to anyone else.