Blinking TAP Light? Is there anyway to turn it off?!

  • I don't think, it's switchable - but I never looked for this possibility...
    would it be a solution to cover it with a little piece of (Gaffa)tape if you really don't need it? That's e.g. my solution with annoying leds at different devices...
    I think, for most users the tap-led is a very useful feature, so switching it off doesn't seem to make sense for them (incl. me) so far...

  • From the Manual:
    If you want to disable “Tempo”, press the soft button labelled “Tempo Enable” in the Rig Settings. The TAP button will stop blinking and the “Modulation Rate” parameters will show absolute time values again.
    The selected tempo and the “Tempo Enable” status are stored with the current Rig. In Performance Mode, you will find the soft button “Use Performance Tempo” on the “Tempo” page within the Rig Settings. When highlighted, the present tempo is applied to each of the five Slots, to ensure an equal tempo for the setup of a song. The tempo settings of the individual Rigs are ignored. “Performance Tempo” is stored with the Performance.
    Take care to enable “Tempo” for all Slots in the Performance for which the tempo is relevant - e.g. for a delay - by pressing the TAP button once when the respective Slot is in the focus. Activating “Performance Tempo” will overrule the Rig tempo settings, but not the “Tempo Enable” state.
    The soft button “Lock Tempo” will prevent Rig changes or Performance changes affecting the current tempo. This tempo will now stay forever, until you change it by tapping a new tempo or using one of the other tempo change methods described above.

  • Procedure to turn off flashing TAP light

    Press Rig

    Press <PAGE> right

    Select Option to disable Tempo -

    "TAP" light will stop flashing and Tempo is disabled for the selected Rig

    The reverse procedure turns it back on for assignment to a foot switch

    At my stage I just wanted a simple "how to" guide to turn the damned flashing light off!