Just ordered a remote. A bit lost about cables.

  • Hi all,

    I just ordered a remote + an EP1-KP to complement my beloved KPA. It took me months to decide wether or not it would be worth it for a bedroom player like me but heck, you only live once...

    Anyway, I couldn't find some cables information on the Kemper shop nor on the Kemper manual :

    • is the Kemper Remote cable delivered in the box with the remote ? Just after I placed my order I realised that -maybe- the cable being sold as an accessory may not be just for situations when you need a replacement.
    • then comes the quest for the perfect remote to EP1-KP cables. I know you need a TRS and a TR jack but the required length to position the pedal near the remote is a hard thing to find. I found no definitive answer to that. I found members linking to 30cm cables on Amazon but is that long enough for both sides. What would the perfect length be say to put the pedal on the right of the remote and same thing for a left position ? Angled connectors or not ? My goal would be to get those cables before my Kemper shop order gets delivered as I won't be able to go and shop for cables for quite some time after this week-end.

    Thanks for any clarification you may hopefully give me on these 2 questions. :thumbsup:

  • The remote comes with the cable, no separate purchase is required. If you want a softer, more flexible cable, try one of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GVXYOWY

    I use the 1.5ft angled cables, for my EP1. This puts the pedal just to the right of the remote. You can use (2) TRS, instead of (1) TS and (1) TRS. This makes it easier to break down and setup, without having to figure out which cable goes where.

  • I ordered the cables below on Amazon and they were perfect; I was originally using some straight plug cables and they kept me from being able to set the expression pedals next to the remote or each other. And, like mentioned above, I order 4 TRS so that I didn't have to worry about which cable went where.

    Audio2000's C25003P2 3 Ft 1/4" TRS Right Angle to Right Angle Patch Cable (2 Pack)