Today: 12,760 Rigs on RE:

  • Seriously, if you can't find something you like with that many peeps contributing what they like with their amps then something is wrong. Had a few beers and I would never audition that many Rigs. If someone new to the KPA tried a couple dozen Rigs and it didn't work then it's on their end for sure. Monitors, room treatment, cab, pickups, etc.... Cause it just plain works! Thanks to all those peeps that took the time to contribute to RE cause your efforts are greatly appreciated by us KPA owners)))))))))))))now and forever! :thumbup:

  • You guys know, I love commercial profiles as well - for various reasons. But what is great with RE (in addition that it is free): You not only get the most common and "cream of the cream" amps - here on RE you also can find a lot of cheaper amps that you have used and already know. And profiles of not so well known amps too (which probably would not sell as good as the next pack of a Mesa Boogie Rectifier).

    And the Kemper offers new possibilities to use and tweak (for example) profiles of "cheap" and low watt amps. Just love it!

  • It would be interesting to know how you guys use Rig Exchange! In general I think it's great that it exists. For me one interesting use case is when I want to get a feel for a new amp which I haven't played. If RE has profiles from many authors it can give a quite good impression of how the amp sounds.

    However I think it's a bit problematic that it feels like a big lake of profiles without much context. Votes are not used much, and you can't check if votes are by people whose taste you appreciate. There are no comments. This makes it hard to weed down the numbers before auditioning. And auditioning can be quite taxing because of ear fatigue and (at least for me) difficulty to keep the tone taste buds fresh and not biased.

    One way to weed down the numbers is to use RE in conjunction with this forum: find threads which discuss the kind of tones I am interested in. And find trusted authors whose profiles seem to fit with my taste.

    Does anyone use RE as their main source of new sounds? As opposed to own profiles / Kemper rig packs / forum posts / commercial profiles?

  • However I think it's a bit problematic that it feels like a big lake of profiles without much context.

    That's the main pb, I think a good set of profiles should come with minimal infos , like gain type & range , guitar or pickup type , some clips & pics are always welcome.

    I use Rig ex to find certain specific amps or FX , like pad, synths . I really dig boutique or high end amp or really vintage profiles , that's what I look for when I go to rigex to see what's new in store.

    with a whole bundle I,'ll always sort them by gain , this way I got a clear picture of what an amp can give from clean to lead.

  • Yes, there are TONS of options out there for tone in RE and anyone should be able to find something to suit their styles and tastes (not to mention the growing factory rig list with free commercial releases).

    I take the same approach to profile searching like I would anything else, presentation and attention to detail.

    People who take the time to fill out all the meta data for their rigs, including zips with .txt files explaining their labeling system, making announcement posts in the forum when releasing packs, having one author tag so you can find more of their work (+1 to @DonPetersen), extra details on the amp used if it's different than the average or modded, saying if their profiles are studio, DI's or merged, ect. All this stuff for me personally makes rig hunting much much faster and easier because these people must care about their work to put this much effort into it.

    Sure, are there profiles I still don't like even after all this work...yes, but I can easily take a search for a MeBo DR from hundreds of choices to maybe 30-40. All i gotta do is record a quick DI riff, reamp it, load up RE with the kemper plugged in and preview away with whatever adult beverage I prefer on the day :thumbup: .