Need help. Any good Aussie kemper experts?

  • I purchased my kemper and took it to a studio to get my amps profiled. The studio couldn’t reproduce the sound coming out of my amps properly. Through the studio speakers it sounded ok but I need this to sound good live and comparing the profiles that we did to the real amp (standing in front of my amp speaker cabinet) didn’t sound as present and have the thump. Is there any studio or expert in Australia who is the best with keepers. My band is touring and recording and I need this rig to sound great and to be set up properly. I appreciate any help or advice.

  • Buy profiles first . The best ones (there is wonderful profiles that you can buy or find on RE) Then you wont feel this useless pressure to create great profiles. Youll be in a position to take your time ... and ...

    Maybe you wont even bother to create your own profiles after that . Just like me... ;-)

  • I have the powered kemper toaster. I plan to run it straight into a Marshall 1960a. I have purchased quite a few profiles already but wanted to capture my sound and my heads which I’ve spent big dollars and many years on.

    My search for an expert is to also show me how to get the best out of the kemper and how to use it properly for touring etc.