Kemper Power Amp into 65 DRRI

  • Hello All. When I bought my Kemper I went ahead and got the Power Amp version. I don't currently have a Guitar Cab but I thought I'd leave it open to purchace at a later date in case I wanted to use the Kemper with a normal Cab. Until then I was wondering, is it possible to connect the Kemper to my 65 DRRI Combo Amp? Could I come out of the Kemper into the "INT SPKR" jack on the back of the DRRI? Would this hurt the Kemper or the DRRI Speaker? Thanks for the advice in advance!

  • Disclaimer : i don't own a DRRI.
    However, looking at the specs, the DRRI has a Jensen C12K which is rated for 100W max.
    If you unplug the cable plugged into the "INT SPKR" output and plug this cable into your powered kemper (don't plug the kemper in the INT SPKR hole, this is an output !), this should work if you take care to not push the kemper poweramp too much (remember Kemper is rated at 600W for 8 ohms, but your speaker supports 100W Max (double check that your speaker is indeed the C12K).

  • I have tried my powerhead through the speakers in my Fender combos. Don't plug the Kemper into your amp and don't take your amp out of standby without the speaker connected. Just plug the speaker from the amp into your kemper. If yours is like mine the cord isnt long enough so I use a coupler and another speaker cable to make it work. I use a planet waves stereo coupler which works fine for mono too but you might check out some cheaper ones like the ones below.…=1%2F4+inch+coupler&psc=1