Adding New Effects To New Performance

  • Hello, everyone.

    I'm new to Kemper and have been slowly figuring this beast out to meet my live needs. One thing that I have not been able to figure out is adding new effects to new performances.
    Say I set up a Performance and add the effects that I need for that particular performance.I have a Clean, Distorted, and Lead channels (RIgs) set in that Performance. I add the Effects that I'll need to share between these Rigs in this Performance. All is good. I Lock the Effects and Stomps.
    Next I create a new Performance. Some new Rigs with Clean, Distorted, and Lead presets. Now, I want to have new Effects and Stomps to be shared in this Performance as opposed to the Effects and Stomps that I used in the previous Performance. How do I add new Effects in these Stomps and Effects presets without changing the Effects that are locked in the previous Performance? This is my biggest hurdle right now with my KPA. Loving this unit so far. If someone can free me to move on from this, I would much appreciate it, thanks.

  • In your situation you should not lock the effects and stomps. Instead you save them as part of the performance by simply saving and replacing that performance.

    Then you save some other effects for the next performance.

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  • The Lock function is not the primary approach to add effects. The primary method is to select either effect types (TYPE knob) or presets (BROWSE knob). If you want to maintain effects across a whole Performance, then you could lock those temporarily in one Slot, move to other Slots using the left and right buttons of the RIG navigation cross on the front panel, and store the Performance. This way the effects become integral part of each stored Slot. You could also use the COYP/PASTE buttons to copy complete Modules or Section from one Slot into another.

    I suggest, you read the manual instead of "slowly figuring this beast out".

  • I hope that the lock function will be updated at some point.
    The reason why I use the lock button is not that I don’t want to store the performance with the correct effects in all slots. The lock button allows us to apply changes (during a gig/rehearsal) to effects to all slots (and performances). This makes it much more similar to working with pedals and has less the character of a programmable multi fx unit.
    For some people programming is the way to go, others prefer to be more flexible and spontaneous.

  • And that is exactly what the Lock function does. You can lock Modules or Sections or if you want all effects. If you want you could simulate an inflexible analog chain of stomp boxes. However, that doesn't change between songs (or Performances).

  • Splatter, in this instance, Copy/Paste is probably your best bet after you dial in your set upon one rig. Don't forget you can copy/paste an entire Stomp or Effect section, and you can also save the entire Stomp or Effect section as a preset to either Copy/Paste or dial in.

  • I am understanding this more now with your guys help.
    The manual, seems to explain some things in detail and others not so much.
    My problem was the Lock feature.
    I understand it’s use along with when it’s best to apply it now. Copy and Pasting Effects and Modules is proving to be a big help also.
    I plan to setup a few Performances for specific songs and a few basic with all needed rigs and most used effects for toggling on the fly.
    Rome was not built in a day. Slowly figuring out this beast, ha ha.
    Thanks, guys