What frequency shelf do you rolloff your Master EQ?

  • SO I've been experimenting around with a 10 Band EQ at the front of my output section with my delay and reverb and I use the rolloff/shelf function to rolloff everything above a certain frequency... it gets rid of the unwanted highs from my full range monitors and warms the sound more like my amp.. Currently I'm rolling off on average around 8K but can go down to about 5.7K on some of my overdrive lead tones..

    Is anyone else out here doing this and if so, where do you find your happiest shelf frequency or average?

  • I am assuming you are using a Guitar amp and cabinet live primarily and have this EQ to use when your in the studio or at home.

    If this is the case you could get the same approximation by using the Monitor OUT to your live rig with no EQ.
    Then use the Main outs for the full range system using the Main Out Eq . Just roll off the Presence -6 dBu to -10 dBu and that should get you in the ball park.
    If your bypassing the Kempers Cabinets then yes you might want to use a Graphic Eq and do a -4dBu per oct starting around 4kHz
    4kHz = - 4dBU
    8kHz = - 8dBu
    16kHz= -12dBu

    Now if you want to apply the end all beat all you would use a -24dBu/Oct shelving EQ set at @ 4kHz !
    If you look at the speaker response of a guitar speaker you will see a sharp drop off right around 4kHz !
    That would be what you are looking to replicate if you are not using the Cabinets in the Kemper.

    Or simpler yet When you play live I think you can disable the CABINETS and lock it.
    Then when you are using full range UNLOCK and enable the CABINETS and tweak the EQ presence in whatever outputs your using...

    Anyway something to ponder.

  • @ SgtPepper, Thank you for your response!

    yes I'm looking to get closer to a cabinet loaded with Celestion Creambacks G12M 65's.. but with a full range monitor.. QSC K8.2's as my stage monitor and not a guitar cabinet..

    The G12-65's have a range of around 80 to 5K as you've stated.. so it'd make sense at least to me to roll them off somewhere around 5k.. and tweak them based on lead or cleanliness desired..

    I also use a set of vintage Altec Lansing 417C's which have a range of 60 to 8K.. beautifully wonderful tone.. because they have the greater range compared to the G12-65's, I tend to roll off higher to obtain some of the brightness of the Altecs..

    I mainly use the 10 band portion of the eq to enhance a frequency range to obtain punch to the tone for the desired need..

    Lately I've been fiddling with the shelf to find new sweet spots.. there's always something new to learn with the Kemper.. I've been playing my Two-Rock 10th Anniversary J2 and Blackface Princeton Reverb a lot over the past year and now back on the Kemper.. its always nice to reground one's self... so to speak.

  • For big concerts, I always send my signal to FOH without any master eq change. In my opinion, it is not really helping to send an "optimized" signal eq-wise; the equipment, the room and the amount and distribution of people along with other factors will all effect the final result and at the end of the day, it's not up to you how the FOH will eq your signal. I listened to many of my recorded concerts and the tone is often slightly different (using the same profiles). I'm more concerned about things like finding the perfect rig for each song, the compatibility of my profiles with each others or the volume balance between patches.

    I use IEM for monitoring most of the time but otherwise I sometimes use a 4x12" cab and reduce the high end a bit and boost the mids a bit. I mostly try to trust the fact that the sound I send is good and not let my brain analyse the stage sound too much because it always sounds different than in the house.