Question regarding effects

  • Just to add to Finally’s list, the phaser is as good as the classic stomp box equivalents. Always hated flangers, so I tend to stay away from those. The Kemper compressor is better than any pedal I’ve ever tried by a long way. I’d advise starting with some of MBritt or Bert Meulendijk’s settings from their free Rigs, as the parameters and functions aren’t what are usually found on a regular stomp. Once you get your head around it though, you’ll never buy a comp pedal again. The pitch and whammy functions are excellent, though if you’re looking for the artefacts and flaws that are exploited by Tom Morello in the Digitech Whammy series, you’re out of luck. The Kemper version is too well programmed, unfortunately.

    There are some unique effects in the Kemper that you don’t really find elsewhere, or at least with the same scope and depth, so tweaking can sometimes be confusing at first. This is true for the more conventional effects too, as the Kemper parameters tend to be unfamiliar compared to the pedal equivalents, as their range and depth is larger. Some people take this to mean that they’re inferior, when actually it’s more the opposite. Case in point : the original Green Scream model. Kemper made the tone scope larger than a Tube Screamer, but people were dialling the Stomp the same way as their physical pedal and comparing, then coming to the conclusion that it sounded nothing like the original. Kemper eventually neutered their model a few firmwares back, to keep the old school happy.

    A couple of areas I feel the Kemper lacking are the tremolo, which is just ok, and I’m missing an authentic UniVibe. There are a couple of workarounds I’ve seen on the forum, using the phase vibe Stomp and the wah vibe (I think that’s what it’s called), but none of them get that laggy, broad, wobbly nature quite right. They’re too linear, for want of a better description. Hopefully they’ll work on these, and maybe give us a couple of extra tonal options for the Green Scream and distortion Stomps, so we can mould them into other real-world iterations of those type of drives. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the effects as they are, now I’ve got Spring Reverb :)

  • Yes I think you are spot on about the univibe sound. Definitely the main weak point I see so far in my new Kemper. I think the one trem sounds good but wish I could adjust the wave form and introduce bass treble phase shifting like in a harmonic tremolo. That’s really the main things I wish were improved. I know some new reverbs are coming but I’m pretty happy with the hall reverb that is in there now.