Using Helix as the Kemper Remote

  • So I've seen posts on this but all of them are very vague about how to actually hook it up. I had a Helix first, love the effects since there are several I already use on my board. I bought the Kemper on a friends strong pro recommendation and love it for the amps. I can't say I dislike the onboard effects, since he uses them in a top TX country artist rig and that works for him. I just have certain pedals I love that just happen to be in the Helix. When I saw posts about using the Helix as the remote I was intrigued. I've checked the net for days about how to do this and there's no direct answer. It's "I do that it works great," or "I do this with four cable and midi." Does anyone have a direct Helix to Kemper hookup Midi and program installation diagram/write up for using the Helix to do what the remote does switching performances or settings in the performance. I really don't care about drive in the fx loop in the front, delays/reverbs after etc in the back, since for years I'm a pedalboard with everything into the front of single channel amp. I like my fuzz way better than the Kemper, EP Booster for lead, and Klon clone for drive than what's in the Kemper, but they're modeled very well in the Helix. So far I can't find a description of how to set up the Kemper to get ready for the Helix and then the Helix to get set (probably a helix forum). I also would just like confirmation that this is even possible. I do this to alleviate having a hybrid board of Kemper remote and pedals and instead just use the Helix to do all of it, since then I'd have a backup board to go tube amp if needed. Thanks everyone!

  • Hmm not sure I totally understand what you are saying but I think:

    You want to use the effects in the Helix and amps in the Kemper and control both via the helix?

    If the main effects are modulation type, then generally best to via the effects loops although if you want distortion then the front of the amp. You'll need to be careful controlling the gain going in though...

    Then you need to link the helix up via midi so you can change settings on both with 1 press...

    Its a complex way to do it though but I think some people on here already do that..

  • Ive had my kemper just over three years but first time posting on here. I dont have a helix but use an HX effects for the same purpose (i assume the full helix can do the same and probably more) I always put off buying the kemper remote, dont know why, but when the HX came along it looked perfect for me, full midi control of the kpa, two expression pedal capability and all the helix effects if you want them and here in the uk they are about the same price as the remote. Anyway the way i run it is :- Guitar to HX input - HX Fx loop 1 with drive stomps (dont need this if your happy with HX or KPA dives) - HX Fx loop 2 send - KPA Input- KPA Send- Hx Fx loop2 return Hx Left out - KPA Return Hx Right out - KPA Alternative In (stereo fx returns) KPA L and R outputs - PA, HX MIDI out-KPA MIDI in. On the KPA i enable a Stereo loop in one of the postamp slots. This gives me any HX effects pre kemper (usually drives vibes etc) any HX effects in stereo in the post amp KPA fx loop, depending on HX signal routing plus any kpa fx pre and post amp. Tap tempo from HX to KPA also works fine.
    A patch change on the HX in preset mode sends and Instant MIDI PC command to select a rig on the KPA, in stomp mode on HX any of the 6 footswitches can be assigned to an HX effect or set to Transmit a MIDI CC Toggle command to switch KPA fx on or off (or both), expression pedal can be assigned to parameters on HX or using MIDI CC to control kpa (morph in my case, i only have 1 exp pedal).
    This works really well for me, advantages are access to all HX fx, HX signal routing, customizble scribble strips and button colours, could also be used with conventional amp in the same way, not that id want to do this at the moment. Disadvantages are more cables and a power cable to pedal board rather than single cable with KPA remote (not a big deal for me but is for some). Also each bank has 4 presets so arranging things in performance mode youd only get 4 rather than 5 rigs for each performance, shouldnt be a problem on a full helix as you get more preset buttons. Takes a basic understanding of midi and a little time to set up but not difficult.
    Hope this helps, it is for HX effects but as i understand it the Helix can do all this and more, you could probably run an helix amp model direct to the kpa fx return if there were a particular model you like.
    Just checked the helix manual and the midi operation looks identical to HX effects, as do the effects so should work in the same way.

    Sorry about the long rambling post but there was quite a lot to say.