Rig Manager with DEMO/TRIAL-mode for commercial profiles

  • Just a tip if you want to try many rigs, hit the profilers up (commercial vendors) and tell them you will do a demo/review....you can get many free rigs to test this way..shhhh its a secret....

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    All my demos are made with plenty of beer, if you dont have as much beer as me they wont sound as good (just saying)



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    It hasn't hurt UA

    UA is the only seller of UA plugins. When you first load the UA software on your computer, all plugins are included, whether or not you have a license. That includes all plugins created for the UA platform by third parties.

    UA plugins require both a UA interface or Satellite and the UA software to be running on your computer. Without both, you cannot authorize a demo or even instantiate a plugin for which you own a license. That is because the UA software runs on the computer and the plugin is hosted by the UA hardware's DSP.

    When you turn on UA hardware, the software on the computer sees it, then goes through a boot process that lets you instantiate any plugins authorized for that hardware. If you want to try a plugin that you don't own, you can start a 14 day unlimited use demo. The demo temporarily adds it to your list of available plugins. Once the 14 days are up, you can buy a license. If you've bought a plugin since your last demo, your demos will reset, giving you another 14 day period.

    Splitting the demo authorization process between the hardware and software is an effective way to eliminate piracy of any plugins. Even if a plugin was hacked and fully copied, you couldn't load it unless your UA hardware was also hacked to authorize it.

    The UA model just doesn't translate to the Kemper. It would add complexity to both the Kemper's operating system and to commercial profiles to make demos available. Think about it. There are less than 200 total UA plugins. There are thousands of Kemper commercial profiles. The Kemper OS would have to have a database to contain demo info on every commercial profile available. It is just not practical.

  • UAD have found it good business to give their customers opportunity to demo their plugins - through a structured system - which then allows you to make an informed choice as to whether you purchase it or not. That was about it.

    I am not a computer scientist doctor...but wouldn't have thought it too hard to have commercial rigs on rig manager, that can't be ported to your kemper hardware until you 'checkout' etc?

    I wouldn't have thought you'd need any changes to kemper OS...just some redesign of the rig manager thingy - to only allow you to transfer commercial profiles to kemper - once you'd purchased them (the little padlock sign disappears etc).

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  • Thanx for the hint Ash!

    But really, my feature-wish is really all about ease of use and convenience, I would not even mind paying a little extra for the profiles. I just want to save myself the trouble of web-browsing, paypaling or ebaying, importing, sorting and then... discarding all the stuff I don't need.

    That's why I would LOVE the option of demoing profiles right out of rig-manager :):thumbup:

  • I see your point but no matter if you could demo all the commercial rig packs in the world no pack to 100% would be satisfying. There are always a few that would be fav's and used and the rest probaly not or at least very seldom.

  • I see your point but no matter if you could demo all the commercial rig packs in the world no pack to 100% would be satisfying. There are always a few that would be fav's and used and the rest probaly not or at least very seldom.

    Well... hence the idea to buy single profiles (at a higher price) after demoing. No need for "packs". Or packs as an option, ie: Buy 5 get one free ;-)

  • I totally agree with this , Ive bought alot of profile packs and spent too much money only to download them and find out they don't sound good with my guitar .

    Either way Ive spent hundreds buying and regretting , if you could try before buying and just have a 30 second noise pulse inserted in the profile or something like torpedo studio does and many other companies , that could work well and save alot of money and time !!

    Allowing us to try the actual profile with our guitar , and not just hearing a recorded clip that could have double tracking , in a mix , equed.. might not even be the kemper might be an amp . Who knows if the clip is the real profile?also its someone else's guitar not your own ... which will sound different . The best way to buy a Real amp is to go to a music store plug it in and listen , then decide , with online profiles you cant do that and there's no return policy , which is not true of real amps , you usually get 30 days to return them online and at guitar center. Even when buying the kemper itself you have a return policy if you don't like it .So why not a try before you buy in the Rig editor?