How to use an external power amp when I have the powerhead?

  • I have the Powerhead KPA and I love it for recording and FOH/PA use. The only place it falls short for me is through a cab, it doesn’t have that big tube feel. My thought was I would get a tube poweramp, run it through but I don’t know the best way to set it up. Should I sell my powerhead and get an unpowered rack? Or is there a good way to set up the head with a different power amp? :/ Thanks in advance

  • the monitor out (unbalanced line) into a power amp plus cab.

    I'm sorry i should have clarified, I mean in a physical sense, what's the most practical setup? Most poweramps I've found are rackmounted, should I get a rack case for it and plop the toaster on top of that? Or skip that and just get the unpowered rack kemper?

  • Hey! Before going that route, what settings are you using when trying to use the internal power amp with a cab? I have a few tricks I use and there's some fundamental things to consider as well. I too have fought with this but have come around to just using my power head as is!

    E.g. type of physical cab

    Output levels

    Preset levels

    Types of profiles

    Sound and feel you're going for

  • I have a schecter hellraiser 412 (V30s straight cab) I run my master volume at about 1.3-1.5 depending on the rhythm guitarists volume that day, levels of the rigs themselves fairly high, +6-7db or so. I use an engl for my clean, Jet City for my crunch, and EVH 5150s for my rhythm and lead tones. I go for the big "wall of sound" feel.. imagine the 5150 through a mesa 412. Medium-high gain, usually kept under 6.2, and I feel like the only metalhead that is a fan of the mid range ^^

  • Midrange is bae, you're not alone my Dude! Lol

    Which software OS are you currently on? The master monitor output should displayed in -db , if so do you mean your master volume is minus 1.5 or 1.3?

    Have you used the monitor output eq at all?

    And have you used the power amp boost?


  • I'm on, my monitor out says -16db, I change my master volume on the tuner page so i get an absolute number vs the big list of all volumes heh, the monitor output eq is completely flat, power amp boost is at 6db.