Morphing problem (using Kemper remote) with effects, and without...assistance please...

  • Finally got my Kemper sounding good and getting my rigs set up. I'm using the Kemper remote and have the rise and fall times set to zero because I need instant change.

    I would like the bottom half to be a crunch "dry" setting. I have my Morphed "B" side with more gain and more problem.

    But when I Morph to the upper half of the same channel, I'm finding that I can't add Delay or Chorus, or anything for that Morphed side only, it affects both A and B sides.

    I want to have the dry channel to be on the A side, and the B side (Morphed) to have more gain and volume PLUS a delay, and Chorus for the B side. Then go back to A and have the dry signal again.

    So far, everything I try put the effects on both side. Can this be done?

    Cheers and thanks.

  • I have on position #1 ("A"side) a delay effect set to Zero so there's nothing on it, just a dry rhythm tone, and I have that exact same settings for the "B" Morphed side with the delay on and it's set at 35% for the "B" morphed side. That's all fine. I go from dry to boost with delay on position 1...all good with that.


    My #2 switch already is designated for a solo boost, with more gain and volume, PLUS a bit of delay with chorus on it, which is totally separate settings than on #1. The delay settings are longer. If I go to the Morphed side of the same #2 switch, can I change the delay or chorus to be a totally different type without affecting the original "A" settings of #2?

  • You cannot morph an effect type as such as this isn't a continuous parameter. However, you could arrange two delays within the same Rig e. g. in Module MOD and DLY and then morph the Mix parameter of both. Base Sound: Mix in MOD is 60% and Mix in DLY is 0%. Morph Sound: Mix in Mid is 0% and Mix in DLY is 55%.