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  • I just bought a kemper remote and I have a few questions before I buy a board and expression pedals. I am contemplating between mission pedals and dunlop dvp4 or dvp3. Is there an advantage to having the button on the mission? Is having 1 mission pedal like having 2 dunlops? Does the button on the foot switch turn off and on the wah? Or is there a button on the remote to turn on the wah? I would like volume, wah, and pitch shift. Could I use 1 mission pedal for those 3 things? Like say we are playing rage against the machine and i want to pitch shift, can I just program a button on the remote to make the expression pedal be a pitch shifter and turn it on and off? Then a remote button to switch it to wah..then turn the wah off and have it be a volume pedal? Or would this require 2 pedals? I wouldn't need a wah and volume and pitch shifter all at once...

  • Welcome to the forum my friend, the norm here is to use the mission pedal for a wah if you want a typical Wah feel of the cry baby (mechanical range) , the dvp3 is preferred for the Morph /Volume because it gives a larger mechanical range.

    I Bought 6 mission KPA pedals and i regret that , i would of rather used the dvp3 for Morph/volume and even pitch.

    The mission does give the Wah a good feel tho and is perfect for that.

    I dont think personally that there is any advantage of having the mission switch for the wah , i switch it on from the pedal board any way..but there is prob some advantage some where LOL. Yes check the manual you can from memory make it a pitch/wah effect, pretty sure but check me on it (reference manual under expression pedals)


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  • Thanks bud!!

    So I can set up stomp A as wah, stomp B as pitch shifter, and then I would only need 1 pedal because I'm not going to use them at the same?When I don't have any stomps engaged, the pedal will be volume, correct?

    I don't think I would ever use morphing... if i go to crunch to lead I just select a different profile....

  • Pretty sure you can only assign 2 options to the one pedal, so Wah/pitch cannot be volume also, but yes if your not using the wah/pitch it can be a volume mean time :) is that what you meant?


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  • Yes you can do that with assigning one pedal to be both the wah/pitch, think you may have to re program to use it as a volume tho


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • I would go for at least two pedals. Although the KPa does allow very sophisticated allocation of a single pedal to multiple roles I find myself getting very confused when playing. I often find myself doing stupid things like turning off the wah automatically at heel only to find I have it set to default to volume when off so I get no sound at all. Yes, it is easy to fix it by setting up differently but my mind really struggles to keep track of it all.

    The other thing. As Ash mentioned the Mission has a very specific “feel”. In fact mine is almost like and on/off pedal so trying to use it for volume or morphing (don’t underestimate the power of the morph its way more than adding more gain) is an exercise in frustration. As Ash said most people go for the Dunlop.

  • thanks guys.... I did go for 2 pedals... I decided I didnt want to get a giant pedal board for the missions, so I went with a pedaltrain 24"x8" with 2 dunlop dvp4's which were basically the same price as the missions.... hope my feet like them (I have size 14s lol)

  • In principle it is possible to share one expression pedal for wah, pedal pitch and volume. You would configure it as Wah Padal and activate WahPedal to Volume plus WahPedal to Pitch in System Settings. If no wah effect and no pedal pitch effects are active, it works as a volume pedal. As soon as one of such effects gets activated, it controls that effect. If wah and pedal pitch effects are active simultaneously it controls both.

    There are two exceptions: If the Wah Pedal Mode is set to Off or Touch the effect doesn't follow the Wah Pedal anyhow. Therefor the Wah Pedal still controls Volume.

    I personally prefer to have a dedicated pedal to control volume exclusively, which maintains its level during Rig changes and is always accessible. And then I have a second pedal to control Morphing, wah and pitch effects. In this case you need to configure the pedal as Morph Pedal and activate MorphPedal to Wah and MorphPedal to Pitch. For me having a dedicated volume control and another pedal for all kind of effects, is easier to get organized for.