• Thank you very much. The Bass is going from the line out of a Markbass LM250.

    There is no reamping possible. Streight into the Mixer and recorded. I could do only minor corrections (e.g. shift some single notes that came early or late, a bit slight EQing) in respect of my knowledge.

    The vocals were rerecorded in a second take. The rest (including the first recording of the vocals) is played together in our rehearsal room for the live feel.

    And I am not the kind of guy who puzzles to much on the Sound. If the sound is OK its OK. Its pretty much like we sound in a live situation (as long as we don't listen to the guy who tells us the guitars are to loud, and yes I do the mixing, vocals, guitar and bass).

    The next recordings will be with the Kemper for my Guitar or Bass. Whatever I play in the next song. But it would sound pretty much the same because I only use profiles of my Amps (DV Mark Bad Boy, Marshall Origin and Markbass LM250). They are really close to the originals though they were profiled under doubtful conditions.


  • Oh, I thing I didn't play the bass on these recordings. We are 3 guitarists in the band an we change a lot between guitar and bass. I think it was recorded from the D.I. Out of an Ashdown Blue Line somewhat.