First live show with kemper questions

  • ok i kinda understood that but not really, i am a beginner

    I am sending a mono signal to the board VIA the left main output, and i made the main output mono already. i just want to be able to control the cabinet volume on stage incase its too loud or quite, and not have it affect the sound mans signal

    so the master volume doesnt affect the main output that im sending to FOH? so then whats the point of 2 volumes, a volume and master volume?

    i am going early to set up so incase we cant get it figured out at least we can mic my cabinet

  • Hey guys! It was a success, and the sound man loved it. He has ran sound for decades and has PA at 2 venues, he said it was the one of best sounding guitar rig he's ever done! I have a shure glxd16 wireless and I went out front it sounded greeaaaat!! Thanks for all the help still got a lot to learn