Acoustic and Electric

  • Hello!!!

    Im new here. Just got my Kemper a couple weeks ago...very intrigued!! I am coming from a Boogie Recto Verb 25 and a board. I have evolved into the lead singer and part time lead guitarist of a classic rock/pop cover band here in good ol Southern Illinois.

    I have really high hopes for this thing!!

    I am hoping to use my Kemper rack for both acoustic and electric. I would like to use only one input. I would like to send two separate signals to two channels in our Presonus board. We run sound from the stage so we dont have a sound man. Both channels would be independant of one another with different volume and eq'ing. Is there any way to send a signal to only one channel at a time? For instance..when Im playing my electric I dont want a signal going to both the electric and acoustic channel on the mixer????

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • I run electric, acoustic and nylon all through the Kemper in the same channel (with a different rig for each). I have all those difference in volume and eq-ing tweaked in their respective rigs. Had to balance this on the first couple of gigs but now it works like a charm. You can use an ABY or ABC splitter box to switch between guitars for convenience.

    The other option is to have your acoustic not go through the Kemper and have its own channel by using something like a LR Baggs/Fishman DI.

  • Hi there! I don't think you can determine outputs per rig, but somebody will probably have a good workaround.

    In your situation I'd just run the acoustic into a DI box and it's own channel. In addition to simplicity, it means it can be used at the same time as the electric, which means I can throw it on the lead singer from time to time.

  • Welcome, Klutzee!

    The thing to remember IMHO is that the Kemper will deliver the totally-different characters you require for your acoustic and electric guitars.

    It's simply a matter of using the appropriate Rigs, tweaked to taste. For instance, you could use Profiles made using high-end mic pre's for the acoustic, and obviously in all cases, both for the electric and acoustic, tailor one of the EQ stomps for-purpose.

    IOW, it won't matter that the FOH engineer will receive them through a common channel (channels if stereo), 'cause the necessary characters and tweaks will be pre-made and fully-recalled as you load the appropriate Rigs.

  • Are you using two separate guitars or an electric with a piezo?

    I have a PRS P22 which can be either Magnetic or Piezo or both combined. It has one mix output or separate outs for each. I started with my main performance set up with 4 electric rigs and button 5 as an acoustic rig ( loaded with some commercial acoustic profiles from a well mnown Dutch profiler). To use the acoustic I would just step on button 5 and flick the switch on the guitar - bingo instant acoustic for the verse. Step on no 3 and flup the switch -boom power chords for the solo etc etc

    However, this was always an either/or solution I couldn’t get two separate sounds with the combined magnetic and piezo pickups because the Kemper can’t do dual rigs. I posted in the feature request for a way to use the alternative or direct inputs to feed the parallel path so that I could run both inputs together but independently.

    The ever knowledgeable paults replied and pointed out that I might be able to use the Loop return with nothing in the send. I tried that by puting Mono Loop in Stomp A and plugging the Piezo into the return input. Setting this 100% to parallel path and a compressor or EQ in Stomp B. I then plug the guitar’s magnetic output into the KPA main input and have access to the full profile except stomps A and B for electric sounds. Now I can have electric only, acoustic only, or both combined but with separate signal paths. It is still slightly limited but the stomp and FX limits of parallel path but I suspect the new effects liberation in the forthcoming software update ma fix this anyway.

  • This got too advanced for me to follow (I'm drinking beer and just surfing at the moment) but I had an idea that might be helpful if you don't find a solution that works for you. Not sure if you can change output settings with MIDI, but if you can, get a cheap programmable MIDI stomp controller and use that to change outputs.

  • Like Jed ...I run a J200 with an LR baggs Anthem and a variety of electrics into the kemper goes to a pair if linked channels on a presonus 16:4:2ai (on stage as well ..) the profiles I use for the acoustic (from a certain dutch profiler..) negate any need for a seperate channel .....if you REALLY need seperate channels ...I’d just use the Kemper for your electric sound and another channel on presonus eq’d and what have you for the acoustic ...

    Either way welcome to the world of kemper ...and enjoy :)

  • Well I read a recent post about using the panorama control. This is the solution for me I believe. I have a Baggs venue that works great but I am really trying to downsize. I wanted to run into a separate channel to the mixer so we could eq out any bad frequencies... I think this panorama thing is gonna work...I dont use any stereo effects so it shouldnt matter that everything is panned hard. Thanks for all your suggestions!!

  • That certainly sounds like a viable solution. Probably the best solution if you are using Electric and Acoustic separately.

    If using a piezo equipped electric the Parallel path method could still achieve the separate EQ in a single mixer channel by putting a Studio EQ or GEQ in the stomp B Slot which would only EQ the acoustic.

  • for what its worth - I use my kemper for my dobro (profiled my Jerry Douglas pedal), Acoustic guitar (profiled my aura spectrum), as a harp amp and as my regular guitar amp. I needed to send all of these different amp settings to separate channels in stereo for my sound guy. I ended up using an RJM effects gizmo and assigning different I/O via MIDI for each amp setting. The effects gizmo also lets me keep all the inputs (dobro, acoustic, harmonica, guitar) separate so when any given amp setting is selected the gizmo uses whatever input I've assigned. I'm pretty dumb when it comes to this kind of stuff and i was able to wire it all and program it myself in a couple of hours. The Effects Gizmo is a one rack space unit so it and my kemper are in a 4 space rack and pelican for fly dates. Now all I have to do is press a button on the kemper remote and all my inputs and outputs change automatically.