Mesa Boogie IIC+ DRG loaded long head profiles available

  • UPDATE 11/28/18 This profile pack is on sale for 20 dollars by buying direct through me here or posting on my wall or 26 dollars on Ebay.

    Finally available, this pack includes studio, cab and merged profiles.

    We got our hands on Neal Schon's old Mesa IIC+ long head fully loaded all options. We also got our hands on Flemming Rasmussen's Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All... notes which includes Hetfield's IIC+ settings so Mark Cameron and I could dial in the best tones possible for this C+.

    We also included boosted profiles with one of Mark's prototype pedals to mimic what the studio parametric EQ in the Metallica studio was doing.

    Hands down we think this is the best IIC+ profile pack out there and with all the profiles included you will have plenty of options to dial in the tones you need.

    We even used a stock white 1984 Gibson explorer with dirty finger pickups exactly like what Hetfield used back then. The guitar is white and all original, not a reissue or refinish.

    Enough talk here are clips.

    Available for 25 dollars direct by messaging me here or you can go to Ebay and buy it there for a few dollars more.

    Buy here or Ebay:



    Clip of Kemper DI boosted profile:

    Also for you new customers remeber we have Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell profile packs.

    The Snorkler mod by Reinhold which is what Jerry used on Facelift and Dirt:

    Also we have an original 91 Fish with the rare Cantrell mod based on Cantrell's #1 Fish he uses for recording here:

    If you want to save 10 dollars just message me here and they're both yours for 50 dollars.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Mesa IIC+ DRG fully loaded long head profiles now available” to “Mesa Boogie IIC+ DRG loaded long head profiles available”.
  • Kickin' ass and crackin' skulls man, sounds amazing!!! I didn't know this was Neal's amp, so sick, and those setting to boot! 8|

    Better than I could have ever imagined, J!!! Thank you, and thanks, Mark! :thumbup::evil::thumbup:

    Ok I don't know if I am allowed to say this because Mark told me this, I think in confidentiality, but no BS Mark says this is the best profiles he thinks we have ever done up to this date. Also Mark never touched or "tweaked" the actual amp itself. What Mark did do is on the boosted profiles we used his prototype boost pedal on in an effort to match Flemming's parametric EQ settings on the B&B he used for the recording of Master of Puppets album.

    Also Mark get's mad because I never mention the modded Kemper DI box we use to profile amps with, I think the first and last time I spoke about it was when we launched our very first profile, the Aldrich. I think it caused a shit storm and people were demanding we talk to Kemper and reveal what Mark had came up with that I decided it was better to never talk about.

    Anyways in a "desperate" attempt to market and sell Kemper profiles we brought you these refined by Mark Cameron himself using not only his amps but the best most iconic amps I had accumulated in close to 20 years of buying, selling and trading gear that I thought both of us could come up with something the Kemper community could appreciate.

  • J there is hype and there is bad ass.

    Your ass is naughty.

    say no more.

    good work man


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • Wow this is a popular one, profiles sent out and here is something I want to share with you guys and I added it to the OP of this thread because I believe it is something all Kemper consumers of commercial profiles should read. I like everyone else want more Kemper users and believe this is an amazing product so here is my message I want to share:

    Added to the OP: one thing I want to point out to my customers or pretty much any consumer of commercial Kemper profiles. I have noticed and have first hand account of certain vendors not really possessing let alone profiling the amps they have for sale. As a vendor of Kemper profiles we try to document everything along the way including pics and a description of the amp we are profiling as well as the guitar we use.

    Some vendors have slick websites with cutting edge shopping cart software along with snazzy graphics of the product they are selling but no actual pics of the studio or gear or amp they supposedly are selling profiles of. Not calling out any vendors in particular but you guys always have a right to request pics or see what they are profiling.

    Who's to say someone was to sell you real Dumble Overdrive Special profiles but in reality you are getting a 1x12 Crate Combo with a knock off TS9 pedal in front of it.

    When you buy through us you get video and true in room audio of what you are buying and clips of the real amp and profiles. I noticed there have been complaints by customers of other vendors, not us, that the clips they use for advertising have been mixed, edited and processed so much that the profile they purchase sounds anything like what they heard in the posted clips. With us we have yet to have that complaint.

    I just want to point this out if there is anyone on the fence about what profiles they should buy. As a consumer do your research, ask questions and then make an informed purchase. That doesn't matter if you are buying through me or some other vendor but make sure they, the seller, are open to questions, suggestions and anything you may need even if you are a beginner. Only reason I am bringing this up is because I don't want new comers feeling ripped off if they bought some profiles that did not meet their expectations and moved onto a Axe FX III, other modeling products or back to tube amps.

  • At the moment, if I remember well we're the only one other vendors who have for sale a IIC+ pack.
    Just to be clear, here's the actual amp :)

    I may actually check those out later this week. You're actually one of the vendors I strive to be like. When we got our website back from domain squatters we hope it's 1/10th as nice as yours as well.

  • Agreed. So many good points here. And have had some suspicions myself lately at times seeing certain products springing up - you never know if they're just chucking an EQ block or some other hardware in-front of an existing amp & re-profiling and calling it the next (cash) cow...

    On another note, actually felt really bad for you when you first came to the forum and everyone was accusing you of all sorts... And you had to go through that onslaught. Always thought your gear was pretty sweet (from that picture with the Heineken badged Hanneman Marshall...) and you can tell when (gear) things have been carefully selected with a process behind.

    That said, when are you going to give Mark Cameron some cameo camera time ;) haha - only messing but it demonstrates your point also! Keep up the great gear flag! Excelsior.

  • I noticed with this profile pack that there are a lot of new customers. If any of the new customers want a package deal on our entire collection or our DI profiles only or our Studio profile packs or whatever just contact me and I will give you a great package deal so no need to wait for a sale.

    Our sales are great when you only want an individual profile or two but if you ever want to buy in bulk I am the #1 volume dealer.

  • @GAME-OF-TONES thanks for your comments and support. Mark hates cameras and I have been talking to him and trying to convince him to appear on camera and do some amp tutorials. He said if we get to over a 1000 subscribers so we are monetized again he would definitely do it.

    Sure thing! And was only joshin' haha... I believed you anyway, and thought the heat you got at the start was savage and bit unwarranted - I mean why would someone make something up that they couldn't backup :/ :/ would be pointless!

    That's cool - (obviously) up to him what he wants to do and I've no idea what he looks like anyway ha, but would ve cool to see the man behind the creations I guess... Take care!

  • Sure if a vendor claim A are Peavey 5150 profiles and B are Peavy 6505 profiles you won't know if it's true or not and unacceptable. However if they don't possess the amps and all the amps are the real amps, and have someone else making profiles for them, does it matter as long as they make customers satisfied?