lost system settings

  • I am a new user and set up the kemper and rigs with 3 foot controllers through the foot controller.

    on thursday i turned on the kemper and it had lost all system settings as follows _

    Tuner default to standard - set up with mute and bubble by me

    no morph or wah pedals working

    Also the name in the user name has defaulted back to factory settings

    i reinstated some of the settings , however the wah effect will not switch off even though its set to toe off in the rigs.

    As i used it for the firsat time on a gig yesterrday i was not impressed with the wah situation and had to reprogramme the wahs to off in all rigs to use it.

    Questions is how do i get the wah in toe to work - recalibrate the controller ?

    How do i back up the system settings , Rig manager did not restore these and therefore i assume they are not saved, rig manager is worse than i thought as an ex Axe FX user.

  • We don't know any circumstances causing global settings to get lost ... under any software revision … ever. Init Globals or another reset would do that job intentionally.

    Global settings are included in a PROFILER backup.

    If your Pedal Mode in your wha effect is set to "[email protected]" and your expression pedal physically rests in toe position, it might be a matter of calibration. Calibration is done in System Settings. You can check on page Pedal Links, if the bar reflecting the Wah Pedal is reaching maximum. If it's not "[email protected]" doesn't get recognized.