Hooking W/D/W with a real amp

  • I spent some time trying to figure this out reading through the manual and on the forum.

    I’m still not quite sure how to do it , if someone can help I’d really appreciate it!

    I want to use the Kemper as an FX unit with a tube amp, sending a stereo FX signal to my power amp but keeping my tube amp dry.

    I’d like use the send from my amp to input into kemper , return a dry signal to my amp.

    And send a stereo FX of the signal to the stereo power amp.

    Is this possible any way??


  • I don’t run W/D/W but thinking it through logically I would connect the FX send of the amp to the front input of the KPA.

    Set the output source for Direct out a Git Analog and connect the direct out of the KPA to the FX return on the KPA.

    Connect the main outs to the power amp. Set the Main outs to Master Stereo but turn the Stack section of the KPA off. You could set main outs to Dly/Rev but that wouldn’t give you any of the Stomp A-D slots.

    This video might help. It’s designed for recording but just substitute fX loop and PWR amp for interface channels

    However, I think you might be better to re think the process completely. Try putting the real amp in the FX Loop of the KPA. That way you can put the Loop anywhere in the signal path so you can have OD, Wah, etc (even delay for simple slap back or early Van Halen) in front of the amp but still send the main stereo FX to the power amp for W/D/W.

    Maybe someone else with hands on experience can give you more specific feedback about what worked and didn’t work for them though.