FS: Full Kemper Pro Rig - Toaster/Remote/XiTone MBritt FR/FR Active/Mission Eng Exp/Bags and Cables

  • All,

    Looks like my gigging days are over so looking to move this on.

    If you're looking you know how good this is. Best/most versatile live rig I've ever used and I'll be sad to see it go but hey ho..

    Would rather sell this as a complete package but would be prepared to split the XiTone cab out if there are no takers after a period of time. I'm not prepared to sell the Remote without the KPA before anyone asks! Have owned for just over 2 years and be assured I really look after my gear!

    • KPA Toaster (unpowered) with latest beta FW and stacks of purchased profiles and padded case
    • Kemper Remote c/w 2 off RJ45 cables and padded case
    • Mission Engineering SP-25m pro expression pedal gold/carbon
    • XiTone MBritt Active FR/FR cab
    • All cables to connect everything up and rock/jazz/blues out or whatever takes your fancy [Blocked Image: http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/plugins/EmojiExtender/emoji/fb/1.gif]

    Basically everything you need to turn up at a gig, set up fully in 10 minutes, get the best FOH sound you've ever had (subject to engineer!) and pack up and go home before everyone else! On top of that you get to sound better than all the other guitarist's rigs (subject to your ability!)..

    Total cost new was about £2.6k and looking for £2000

    Cash and bank transfer accepted and this is collect only from Hertfordshire.