Going on tour with just a USB-stick: Your tips and tricks?

  • Given the chance to tour and have a KPA provided, what's the best way of going about this taking "my" setup as a USB stick?

    Ideally without the need for a PC/Mac and rig-manager at the venue.

    I guess it would make sense to take the bare minimum (ie just my performances and not my browse pool)

    Whats the best way to do this without affecting my own KPA and its data?

    Is it worth taking the latest OS too (or the one that i currently use) in order to assure compatibility?

    might i encounter issues if going from a rack KPA to one of the other KPA models?

    Worth erasing my data within the "loaned" KPA after the gig, for copyright issues?

    Obviously, looking for the quickest route and data-transfer times. (an empty browse pool should be quickest)

    I'd anticipate requiring at least 20 mins to install/update the OS and restore a backup from USB so these are factors to consider.

    Any one who has done this or has any advice or tips greatly appreciated.


  • 1. Make a backup of your own profiler on one USB stick. Restore this backup on every Profiler provided and it will be like your own.

    2. Just in case the provided Profiler(s) are not running the latest OS have the latest kaos file in the update folder of the USB stick (because the backup contains everything EXCEPT for the firmware) to update it if need be.

    3. USB sticks can fail (and can get lost, too) so make sure you carry 3-4 redundant sticks.

    4. If you are using performances with commercial profiles I'd consider it good practice to delete them after the gig.

    5. Restoring a backup should not take longer than 5 minutes. If the unit needs updating, add another 5 mins.

  • Also congratulate yourself on your career change from guitarist and rock god to technical support. Just remember that while tech is where the money is and may be the new rock and roll to some, don't let it go to your head and just don't go buying a Tesla or getting a man bun and you should be good. :P

    Seriously though, good luck out there. I'm very curious to hear how it turns out because the idea of not bringing the amp or even Kemper along and just yourself, a guitar, maybe a cord and some strings and spares and doing a whole tour that way sounds very luxurious, maybe that's why folk singers are so infuriatingly smug and serene the whole time...

  • In addition to what has been said. If you have multiple rigs, I'd bring my own remote and cord because god knows what other people use. I'd also bring a laptop with Rig Manager + cable in case I need to reshuffle performances.

  • Slateboy, I envy you. I recently asked if I could backline a Kemper for a fly gig to NYC, when the band was discussing the SIR backline details. The boss said, “isn’t that the point of the Kemper, that you can travel with it?”

    So maybe next time I’ll be rolling on the backline Kemper train, but I guess I’m not there yet.

  • This... it was cool when I had long hair, but now that its trendy? Not so cool... :D

    Haha, it is no longer trendy, as I am frequently reminded. :D

    No. It wasn’t. 8)

    Haters gonna h8. 8)

    Disclaimer: When I post demo clips for profiles, there will be some minimal post-processing, unless stated otherwise. I normally double-track hard L/R, and add to the main buss a small amount of EQ and a limiter/comp set pretty light as well. Sometimes I get test profiles in advance of release, though 90% of my clips will be from packs I have purchased.

  • Back on topic...

    I've been informed that the device being supplied is a power-head KPA.

    Having only ever used the non-powered rack version, are there additional parameters or controls that i will find that do not exist on the non-powered version?

    Is the speaker-out driven from the same output-signal as the main-outs and, therefore, speaker-cab settings applied likewise?

    I'm also told that the supplied OS is OS 5.3.1 and my own KPA is 5.5.2

    Hopefully i will have time to upgrade the OS but on my last experiment it took over ten minutes to do an OS upgrade https://youtu.be/rwjC9QBJOYI

    Should my 5.5.3 backup drop in to an older OS KPA if i cant find time to upgrade?


  • You'll just have an extra out on top, with a red ring on it. That's the power amp out. It shares the same knob with the (unpowered) monitor out. There is also a power amp on/off screen in the output menu. I keep mine off unless I need it.
    I wouldn't risk the OS thing. I think you should find a 5.3.1 software and try to load your stuff into it, then save that.

  • Knowing the trouble that an OS update can involve I might be inclined to do a full backup of my system, backup the rigs, duplicate the backups (yeah I know I'm a little over cautious), then downgrade my KPA to the version they have and see how bringing your rigs into the downgraded Kemper behaves.

    If it's good then export again and bring those "compatible" versions with you, if not then you know you will have to do the upgrade on site and then you know what's involved.

    I also echo the idea of another poster that you might want to bring a laptop of some sort with you to ease the process of dealing with all this stuff.