• hello forum

    a bit more than a year ago i got my (unpoweref rack) kemper. i used it with my fcb1010 as i already had it.

    now i‘m using the kemper remote with two exp pedals.

    with my kemper i got a 3 unit rack (this one:

    https://www.thomann.de/intl/ch/thon_rack_3he_economy_ii.htm )

    i was excited that the remote fits in the back of the case. today i tried to fit the remote and the pedals in it - and... it fits! it‘s really tight, one millimeter more wouln‘t work :)

    i am so excited about this that i wanted to share it with you - in case you‘re looking for a case it could work this way for you :)

    so with the remote my setup didn‘t get only nicer but also much more compact :)

    have a nice day and let‘s hope v6 is coming soon...