[Tone Junkie] Bend Sun 2 Pack is out now

  • Download now at: https://tonejunkiestore.com

    The Bend Sun 2 pack is the follow up to one of the most beloved profile packs we have ever released, the Bend Sun Kemper Profile Pack! The original pack boasting the classic “Butterfly” and “Chimer” profiles, has become a classic in the Kemper community. Not a week goes by that we don’t receive emails, messages, and comments telling us that the Bend Sun Kemper Profile Pack is an all time favorite no matter how many packs people buy. The Bend Sun 2 pack features 50+ studio profiles and 12 direct profiles of the new “Ear Hard” and “My Cousin” profile sets.

    N - Normal
    T - Top
    H30 - G12H30 speaker
    X - Celestion Blue
    Sparkle - Sparkle Drive
    KOT - King of Tone
    + - Klone